- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel

The Pro Anglet launched today in fun two-to-three foot surf at Chambre d'Amour, completing a total of 36 heats to wrap up the men's first three rounds of competition. The forecast looks average for the next couple of days so organizers decided to run as much as possible today.

Adin Masencamp opened the show in Round 3 with a dominant display on the lefts of the North peak to put four good scores on the board including his best two above 7 points. His 15.36 heat total was the best all day and won him a spot in Round Four.

Highlights: Pro Anglet pres. by Oakley Launches in Fun Waves
The 2018 Pro Anglet pres. by Oakley runs a massive first day of action to anticipate a potential lay day later in the week.

In Heat 6 Jordan Lawler waited until the last few minutes to make his move, with a forehand rotation on a good left, to post a 7.07 and advance in first. The Australian who suffered an early exit in Lacanau last week was eager to show more of his surfing in the Basque surf.

Jordan Lawler (AUS) .Pro Anglet 2018 Jordan Lawler got a few air sections like this one in his heat. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"I had a couple of 5s a the beginning but it didn't match the other guys' scores," he said. "I waited for a while and I knew I had to do an air to get a decent score. I was lucky to find a wave with a little bowl on it to make that air. It was kind of a sloppy heat and I wish I could have done things differently - starting with better scores instead of waiting for those."

Only four out of the seven-strong French contingent in Round 3 made it through and will join another 16 more in Round Four. Tom Cloarec was part of the lucky few and will join Gatien Delahaye in the next round, following his win this afternoon.

Tom Cloarec (FRA) .Pro Anglet 2018 Tom Cloarec found some good walls to work with. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"I felt good out there and the waves were quite fun despite the high tide. The spot is looking fun this year again," Cloarec said. "It's always great to have an event close to home and in waves we really know well. I had a little injury earlier this year but I'm feeling close to 100% now and excited for this week."

Later this afternoon, surfers made another move towards the South peak and found more and better waves, scoring higher than previous heats. Dylan Lightfoot was the first to capitalize, finding longer open rights to display his forehand carves and snaps. His best wave of 7.50 gave him the win, unfortunately for the local crowd, the South African also eliminated local wildcard Romain Laulhe in the process.

Thomas Cervi (AUS) .Pro Anglet 2018 Thomas Cervi went for the airs as weel but it wasn't enough for him today. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"At that point I needed a score and I saw this wave bowl up giving me a first section for a carve," he explained. "It had a closeout section and then a little reform, that was a fun wave! It was tricky with the tide change and my heat was the first to move South but I managed to adapt so I'm stoked."

In the following heat, Kim Matheus Marcondes found a gem of a little left to show his air game. Under priority, the Brazilian noticed a wave nobody else seemed to want to paddle for and threw a good forehand rotation for an excellent 8 point ride, the highest single number of the day.

Pro Anglet 2018 Surfers cruising on the VIP deck and the Chambre d'Amour promenade this morning. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"Waves were small but really fun," he said. "It's my first time here in France and I'm loving here so far. I'm only starting on the QS since last year but I'm improving slowly so I'm happy with that and I'll try to continue making heats and getting results."

A call at 9 a.m for both the men and women has been announced for Wednesday to reassess conditions and see if conditions allow the event to resume.

Check out all photos, videos, updates and tune in to the LIVE webcast when the event resumes right here.

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