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Updated Sunday, August 19th

EVENT WINDOW: August 21th-26th

Brief Overview:
Smallish, residual swell at the beginning, going very small or flat in the middle but then picking towards the end as a pulse of longer-period swell hits. Winds are mostly light and variable in the mornings with onshores from the northwest in the afternoons.

At the moment the North Atlantic is showing generally weak pressure gradients with no significant swell-producing systems. This situation persists until Wednesday when a low develops southwest of Iceland and tracks around the northeast periphery of a strengthening Azores high. A moderate northwest fetch between these systems pushes some good swell into Biscay by the weekend.

MSW Forecast for Anglet 2018 MSW Forecast for Anglet 2018 - WSL / magicseaweed.com

On Tuesday expect some average-quality residual swell with wave heights around three feet in the morning, decreasing throughout the day. Winds are light and variable with light onshores from the northwest later.

Wednesday and Thursday see a drop in swell, with wave heights struggling to reach two feet most of the time. Expect light variable winds on Wednesday and moderate onshores from the west veering northwest on Thursday.

On Friday wave heights increase to a lumpy three feet by afternoon, driven by northwest winds picking up to moderate or fresh during the afternoon.

A longer-period swell is forecast to arrive sometime during Saturday and persist through Sunday, with wave heights perhaps reaching four or five feet. On Saturday expect light winds in the morning and light to moderate onshores from the northwest in the afternoon. On Sunday expect mostly light winds all day.

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