- WSL / Art Gimbel
- WSL / Art Gimbel

Statement from Mike Parsons, WSL Big Wave Tour Commissioner:

"We will not be running the Mavericks Challenge this week and will wait for more optimum conditions. The wind is good and conditions will be clean, but the swell will be dropping through the day on Thursday and we won't have the consistency we need to run an excellent event. With three months left in the waiting period, we are confident that we'll have better opportunities to run this event this season. January is typically the best month for Mavericks so we'll be watching things closely and hoping for a great finish to the season."

During the Big Wave season window, the WSL Big Wave team is constantly monitoring an array of weather charts and tracking big storms crossing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with the help of our forecasting partner, Surfline. The waves must be a consistent minimum 25 feet on the face of the wave throughout the entire time of competition. Wind, tide and the effects they have will play a part when making the call.

The Mavericks Challenge event window will run through March 31.

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