On Sunday night, Tom Brady, the 41-year-old New England Patriots quarterback, broke the NFL record for player with the most Super Bowl wins in league history with six. Sports pundits will now be able to use this statistic to back up what they've been saying for years -- Tom Brady is the undisputed Greatest Of All Time.

However, in an unforeseen turn of events, the day after Brady's historic win, he actually looked to another undisputed GOAT, Kelly Slater, and acknowledged that in a head-to-head league comparison, King Kelly still reigns supreme.

Kelly Slater or Tom Brady GOAT? Is Kelly Slater or Tom Brady the league's GOAT? - WSL

Age: Kelly is 46, Tom is 41.

Height: Kelly is 5'9", Tom is 6'4''.

Weight: Kelly weighs 158 pounds, Tom is 225.

Titles: Kelly has 11, Tom just won his 6th.

Years in League: 26 for Kelly, 19 for Tom.

IG Following: 2.4M for Kelly, 5.6 for Tom (Brady picked up 400K new followers after his win).

Movie+TV Show Appearances: 14 for Kelly, 7 for Tom.

Video Game Covers: 1 for Kelly, 2 for Tom.

Golf Handicap: 2.8 for Kelly, 8 for Tom.

Dietary Restrictions:
Kelly: Chia seeds, grass-fed beef, almond milk, kimchi, elk antler extract, kelp, bee pollen, ashwaganda, and Shilajit.

Tom: Plant based diet, alkaline foods, Himalayan salt only, no msg, no caffeine, no dairy, no nightshade veggies.

While Brady has openly acknowledged that he will not be retiring after this win -- and has no plans to in the coming seasons -- perhaps when the gridiron punishment becomes too painful, he'll start trading sacks for shacks like his NFL contemporary, 40-year-old quarterback Drew Brees.

Congratulations to Tom Brady on his sixth Super Bowl ring!

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