- WSL / Matt Dunbar
- WSL / Matt Dunbar

Tomorrow April 3 marks the first day of the 2019 Championship Tour season at the Quiksilver/Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast . And with that, the wildcard spots have been officially confirmed.

Both Reef Heazlewood and Isabella Nichols won the Trials today and will join the WSL Top 34 and Top 17 in the main event.

"I'm just hoping I can keep this up and take down a couple of CT surfers," said Heazlewood.

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 2: Reef heazlewood of Australia wins the Mens Trials for the 2019 Quiksilver Pro and Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast on April 2, 2019 in Queensland, Australia.  (Photo by Matt Dunbar; /WSL via Getty Images); Reef heazlewood - WSL / Matt Dunbar

Heazlewood is a goofyfooter from Queensland's Sunshine Coast known for his massive air game, which came into play during the Trials held at DBah this afternoon. He's currently ranked No. 15 on the Qualifying Series and came in 3rd at the Volcom Pipe Pro a few months back.

Isabella Nichols is also a Gold Coast local -- growing up in Coolangatta. She's currently ranked No.1 on the Qualifying Series. The 21-year-old earned a place in the Trials as the highest Queenslander on the QS.

"Today was such a fun day at the office," said Nichols. "Pumping DBah with only four people out. I can't wait for the main event tomorrow. And well done to Reef Heazlewood for taking out the men's Trials."

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 2: Isabella nichols of Australia wins the Womens Trials for the 2019 Quiksilver Pro and Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast on April 2, 2019 in Queensland, Australia.  (Photo by Matt Dunbar; /WSL via Getty Images); Isabella nichols - WSL / Matt Dunbar

Tyler Wright will be replaced by Keely Andrew who is the first WSL replacement due to being next in line for the Season wildcard. Her replacement status is a result of her knee injury in France.

Silvana Lima withdrew from both Gold Coast and the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach due to her ACL reconstruction after injuring her knee at J-Bay. She will be replaced by Sage Erickson.

Mateus Herdy was announced as the pre-selected Quiksilver wildcard. The Brazilian surfer from Florianópolis won the World Junior Title in Taiwan last year and just narrowly missed CT qualification. He was recently recognized at the WSL Awards along with female World Junior Champ Kirra Pinkerton.

Adriano de Souza is out of the event due to his ongoing injury. Caio Ibelli will act as his replacement.

See the Men's Full Heat Draw here.
See the Women's Full Heat Draw here.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Round 1 Match-Ups:
Heat 1:Owen Wright vs. Griffin Colapinto vs. Soli Bailey
Heat 2:Jordy Smith vs. Ezekiel Lau vs. Jack Freestone
Heat 3: Italo Ferreira vs. Yago Dora vs. Kelly Slater
Heat 4:Filipe Toledo vs. Joan Duru vs. Caio Ibelli
Heat 5:Julian Wilson vs. Seth Moniz vs. Reef Heazlewood
Heat 6: Gabriel Medina vs. Ryan Callinan vs. Mateus Herdy
Heat 7:Conner Coffin vs. Adrian Buchan vs. Jadson Andre
Heat 8:Michel Bourez vs. Jeremy Flores vs. Leonardo Fioravanti
Heat 9: Wade Carmichael vs. Michael Rodrigues vs. Ricardo Christie
Heat 10:Kanoa Igarashi vs. Sebastian Zietz vs. Deivid Silva
Heat 11:Kolohe Andino vs. Willian Cardoso vs. Jesse Mendes
Heat 12:Mikey Wright vs. John John Florence vs. Peterson Crisanto

Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast Round 1 Match-Ups:
Heat 1:Carissa Moore vs. Nikki Van Dijk vs. Keely Andrew
Heat 2:Lakey Peterson vs. Coco Ho vs. Sage Erickson
Heat 3:Stephanie Gilmore vs. Paige Hareb vs. Isabella Nichols
Heat 4:Tatiana Weston-Webb vs. Malia Manuel vs. Brisa Hennessy
Heat 5:Johanne Defay vs. Courtney Conlogue vs. Macy Callaghan
Heat 6: Sally Fitzgibbons vs. Caroline Marks vs. Bronte Macaulay

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