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Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019

EVENT WINDOW: August 19-23th 2019

Brief Overview:
Smallish at first, becoming more solid on Friday as a longer-period swell arrives. Good wind conditions throughout.

Today's chart contains an area of low pressure just south of Iceland, with a moderate westerly fetch on its southern flank generating some northwest swell to reach Biscay before the weekend. Over the next few days that low will move northeast, expected north of Scotland by Friday, with high pressure persisting between the Azores and the English Channel. There is an elongated area of high pressure stretching from way southwest of the Azores to the Low Countries, which, combined with a weak low over Portugal, is keeping winds from an easterly quarter in southwest France.

Forecast Update Anglet 2019 Swell chart for 00:00h Wednesday 21st August - magicseaweed.com

On Wednesday expect small but quite good quality surf, up to three or four feet at first, steadily decreasing throughout the day. Winds are light offshores from the east in the morning, swinging cross-shore from the north and increasing moderate for a while around mid-afternoon.

On Thursday the swell drops a notch, averaging a bumpy two feet or so, but perhaps becoming more lined-up late evening. Winds are light and variable or light onshores from the west in the morning and light to moderate north-westerlies in the afternoon.

Friday sees a more solid swell arriving from the northwest, around three or four feet for most of the day, with a possible second pulse late afternoon. Winds are light and variable or light offshores from the east, but moderate cross-shores from the north for a while around mid-afternoon.

Forecast reliabilities are good for the rest of the contest period.

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