- WSL / Ian Thurtell
- WSL / Ian Thurtell

Cape St Francis - This weekend will see the Billabong Junior Series take place at Seal Point in Cape St Francis. The event will feature a Junior Men and Women's QS 1000 rated event. The contest will run from 20-22 September and is the final event in the JQS Series in South Africa for 2019. In the Pro Junior divisions, the top 3 men and the top 2 women will be selected to represent the Africa region for the WSL Junior Championships in Taiwan at the end of the year.

The Billabong Junior events that take place every year at Seal Point have been historically blessed with good waves and have thus become the most popular events among many of the junior surfers. The user-friendly but highly rippable walls of Seal Point are perfect canvasses for the best junior surfers in the country to go wild and perform at their best.

Billabong Seal Point Pro Junior 2019 Presented By BOS Heads for Cape St Francis This Weekend Seal Point in Cape St Francis always delivers for the Billabong Junior events and this weekend's forecast looks promising. - WSL

The WSL Africa Men's Junior Tour is currently being led by Luke Thompson, the recent winner of The BOS Cape Crown pres by Sea Harvest, with Eli Beukes and Luke Slijpen hot on his heels, and Thomas Lindhorst and Mitch Du Preez not far behind. Beukes and Slijpen have chased points and prize money at every event this year, but Thompson has had a breakout year so far, and is no doubt looking to clinch it at this tournament.

Luke Thompson from Durban, winner of the BOS Cape Crown pres by Sea Harvest Luke Thompson en route to victory at the recent BOS Cape Crown event in Cape Town. The win saw him go to number one on the ratings board. - WSL / Ian Thurtell

In the WSL Africa Women's Junior Tour rankings, Ceara Knight, another recent winner of The BOS Cape Crown pres by Sea Harvest, is out in front with a decent lead over second ranked Zoë Steyn, and with Kayla Nogueira in third place going into this event. Aimee Du Preez and Sarah Scott make up the remainder of the top five positions. The first three positions in Knight, Steyn and Nogueira are all goofy-footers, set to battle on their backhands on the perfect right-hand point-break that is Seal Point.

Ceara Knight (ZAF) advances through to Womens Semifinal at the Ballito Pro pres by O'Neill 2019 after second place in Quarterfinal Heat 4 at Ballito, South Africa. Ceara Knight, in action at Ballito earlier this year, has leapt into the number one spot after her recent win at the BOS Cape Crown event in Cape Town. - WSL / Ryan Janssens

Kicking off on Friday 20 September, the surf forecast for the contest has signs that it might be an epic weekend of surfing at the ever-consistent Seal Point, with good winds predicted, and plenty of swell around for the competitors to display their top surfing skills to the judges.

Zoë Steyn (ZAF) is eliminated from the Womens Semifinal Heat 1 at the Ballito Pro pres by O'Neill 2019 after a third place finish at Ballito, South Africa. Zoë Steyn is another incredible surfer who could outperform anyone in her division, but has her work cut out for her with Ceara Knight and Kayla Nogueira in top form as well. - WSL / Ryan Janssens
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