- WSL / Yves Sobanski
- WSL / Yves Sobanski

The Qualifying Series is coming to Morocco for the Pro Taghazout Bay held at Anchor Point - one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world.

For decades it has been the focal point of many overland surf trips that span through France, Spain, and Portugal.

So, how good can it get? This is a break mentioned alongside the likes of Jeffreys Bay, Rincon, and Kirra when it comes to world-class, long and leg-burning rights.

Anchor Point, Morocco Anchor Point - WSL / Yves Sobanski

The chance to surf this wave with only a few other people in the lineup is not something to be taken lightly ... and with 5,000 points on the line, it could really set a 2020 competitive campaign off in the right direction.

But it overlaps with another QS5,000, the Volcom Pipe Pro. Talk about difficult decisions. Do you surf Pipe - a wave which needs no introduction - or do you pull the trigger on a Moroccan adventure? The good news is, either way, you win!

Highlights: Robinson Takes Down Volcom Pipe Pro
The Australian made his intentions clear to start 2019 and earns his first-ever Pipe Pro victory to back it up.

Te Kehukehu Butler, who was just at the Corona Open China, is off to Morocco very shortly. The Kiwi shredder recently spoke to the WSL's Surf Breaks program about his decision.

"Ramzi [Boukhiam] rang me up and told me it's a sick right point, so I was like, ah sweet, why not? I can't get a wave at Pipe anyways. So why not surf a right point instead?"

Which would you choose? Anchor Point, or Pipeline?

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