Filipe Toledo is a perfect test pilot for FCS' new Swiss-engineered H4 fin, given they're all about control at high speeds. Toldeo is arguably the fastest surfer on the Championship Tour, and one of the most technical.

"It's what I try to do, go as fast as I can," he said on a recent episode of The Lineup with Dave Prodan.

A few extra percentage points of control could be make or break for someone at his level. But for the rest of us, there's still an interesting concept at play here. The precision-engineered Swiss-made fins have two radically different templates.

Importantly, the machine engineering process also means each set is almost identical, which is actually harder to achieve than you may think, even with modern manufacturing processes.

They're all about precision and speed, so are geared towards performance surfing, in the same way a Ferrari is not ideally suited to picking up some groceries from the store.

To get the most out of them, you probably need the chops to put a board through its paces, and appreciate the difference of a few blips of extra juice and precision.

Filipe Toldeo was on a trip recently to Mexico, land of the right-hand pointbreak. While this may or may not have been preparation for the now-scrapped first stop of the Championship Tour, it looks like he did get a chance to take them for a test drive.

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