- WSL / Peter Joli
- WSL / Peter Joli

You can always count on Alex Gray to bring a smile to your dial. The professional freesurfer from Palos Verdes has created a multi-faceted career, balancing his outgoing, humorous personality and his surfing ability.

His latest #TalkWave posts, where he self commentates his waves, are a prime example.

In the first, from Mexico, Gray talks us through his breakfast routine and the four cups of coffee he's had, mid-wave. This is interspersed by live actions calls of his "snaps", "fins out" and "floaters".

The hilarious post gained plenty of traction. So he soon doubled down. His next one featured a mid-wave shout out to Jordy Smith, and then a live call of two spitting barrels. We are unsure of the amount of coffee he had that morning, but we'd assume it was a lot.

Gray's posts hit a nerve and it wasn't long to fans of his were posting their own versions of #TalkWave

Lloydy Ball did his own take. Instead of the warm waters of Mexico, Ball reported from the cold, grey waters of Devon, England. "I've had three full english breakfasts and a sausage and egg muffin and it's not warm," he parodies as he goes dead straight along a two-foot wall.

If you feel you feel you can match Alex's or Lloyds efforts simply post under the tag #Talkwave. Right now, we need all the laughs we can get.

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