The last gasp of winter came to Hossegor and Capbreton in early March. Lighting up the world-famous sandbars, it was a run of surf that illustrated exactly why this corner of southern France has been long been the epicenter of the European surf scene.

A full-on barrel-fest, before countrywide stay-at-home orders closed the area's beaches for the immediate future, native son Marc Lacomare was on it. Making sure to get his fill, he's dropped a potent edit he calls "Back In Madness," which features highlights from the swell.

At this time, beaches in France remain closed to the public due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The country has now been on lockdown for over two weeks. As of the writing of this, the worldwide number of worldwide coronavirus cases has topped on million.

At this time it's important to continue to follow and respect orders from local health and public safety officials. That Hossegor magic will still be there when this is over, but until then Lacomare and his fellow locals are going to have to stay stoked on that last swell before the winter ended and the world changed.

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