With COVID-19 placing the entire world on hold right now, the hundreds of proud, unique and beautiful local communities that make up the global surfing phenomenon need our support.

That's why the WSL, in partnership with the world's best surfers, is rolling out its #StayLocal campaign, where we're encouraging you - if you're able - to support the people in your respective local communities.

You may want to pre-order a new board from your local shaper, purchase gift cards from the local surf shop, or order coffees online from the local cafe.

Communities are made up of people and, if you can, #StayLocal is encouraging you to help them out right now.

The world's best surfers are doing the same in supporting their respective local communities and the WSL is matching their support through the #StayLocal program.

Stay safe and thank you for supporting one another.

See how Tour surfers are staying local:

Julian Wilson - Coffee and Surfboards in Newcastle

Lakey Peterson - Health and Training at Bells Beach

John John Florence - Supporting The North Shore

Carissa Moore - Activating at Palolo Elementary School

Seth Moniz - Supporting Favorite Coffee Shop

Adrian Buchan - Oceanhaus Surf Café

Bethany Hamilton - Showing Love for Local Farms

Brisa Hennessy - Keeping The Vibes Right In Fiji and Costa Rica

Conner Coffin - Keeping Coffee Flowing In Santa Barbara

Mason and Coco Ho - Paying It Forward To Freesurf Mag

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