Story by The Inertia.

A heavy number of average surfers are antsy these days. We want a wave, any wave. Or maybe you're already planning a full-on getaway the moment travel bans are lifted and you can find barrels in a far-off land. Or imagine this painful scenario: you already had something big planned and it's been put on hold, maybe even canceled altogether with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Keanu Miller's one of the lucky few with the talent, focus, and opportunity to make dream-worthy hunts for waves a bonafide gig. Coming into 2020, he was in full project mode with lensman Tai Jennison. Together, the duo was jumping on flights, booking trips, and packing clips for a well-rounded, intensive project. Then, as Jennison puts it, their "wings got clipped."

"We stayed at the shittiest little losmen in Sumbawa, did a Ments boat trip, Volcom House [in] Hawaii for two weeks, plus a bunch of stuff from around Keanu's home in Australia," Jennison tells The Inertia.

Indeed, the duo was on a roll. And from the looks of their new edit, BUMP, a larger project would have been a banger. It's a collection of where they left things off, with the rest of their vision still on hold for the foreseeable future.

Their plan now?

"When we can travel again, we can work on something bigger," Jennison says. "Shoot some big barrels! But for now, we wait…"

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