The Gold Coast Was Firing This Weekend

With surf travel almost entirely curtailed right now, you need to wait for those special moments close to home. That's exactly what residents of South East Queensland were treated to over the weekend, with a solid swell lighting up the Gold Coast's pointbreaks.

Seven-time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore was at home to enjoy a few, as was three-time Champ Mick Fanning, who is looking increasingly sharp after coming back from a knee injury.

But by all accounts, Sheldon Simkus and Nick Vasicek bagged some of the waves of the swell.

Nick Vasicek
Nick Vasicek

Meanwhile, Josh Kerr was also stying out, riding an extremely-fun-looking swallow tail.

With travel set to remain off the cards for the short-term, it certainly pays to live within close proximity of one of the best waves in the world.

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