"Two sessions, Ivan's birthday and an incredible sunset. There were airs, there were wipeouts, we hit rocks, we got barreled ... Ivan turned 24. The greatest day ever," says Nathan Florence, summing up the action in his latest YouTube edit.

And that's not even mentioning the prank called made to Jamie O'Brien...

We get to tag along for a day in the life of the Florence Brothers, and they're all sending it. John John especially, is looking so smooth and casual, throwing a number of huge full-rotation backside airs ... it looks like his knee has well and truly healed up. He's so relaxed, yet so critical.

They also deal with a perennial issue surfers face from Iceland to Tasmania -- the seemingly never-ending surf-check, after which the participants run the risk of surfing the first spot they considered, which reconfirms the sage advice to never, ever drive away from waves.

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