- WSL / Damien Poullenot

In a month where 13-year-old Jackson Dorian almost broke the internet with his aerial antics at Waco, two other Hawaiian grommets have grabbed his torch and ran with it. Steve "Baby" Roberson and Erin Brooks are 12-year-olds from Maui who, each in their own way, have further cemented Hawaii's status as bubbling hotbed of surfing talent.

Yesterday Roberson posted a few waves at a rare and relatively secret spot on Maui that has been dubbed the fastest wave on the planet. The wave only lights up on the biggest of south swells and breaks off of a jetty over a shallow, sharp reef. Baby Steve though handles a double overhead (or triple for the pre-teen) set wave and drives through a huge barrel.

It continues the big wave education of a grom who has been surfing Honolua Bay since he was five, tackled Waimea at nine and first towed Jaws at 10. Last winter he paddled serious sized Pe'ahi. A bad wipeout and a two-wave hold down clearly hasn't deterred him from his path to big wave surfing stardom.

On the other scale Erin Brooks also recently had a trip to Waco, and just like Dorian Jnr, showed flair and power way beyond her years. It seems anything is possible for this goofy footer who already has a range of above-the-lip moves that is incredible for one so young.

Mind you growing up in Hawaii, Brooks too has also had a taste of powerful waves. Last year she travelled to Oahu and had a crack at Pipeline and turned heads at the other well known spots North Shore.

Like Dorian and Roberson, Brooks is already showing an immense talent and ambition for one so young. We look forward to seeing just where these groms take surfing in the future.

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