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Tanner Gudauskas is talking about twin-fins. Preach, brother!

"After staying with Mikey Febs in Hawaii last winter things changed little bit," Tanner writes. "I came home and ordered one of the fishes he was riding. 6'1'' twin pin. Mikes a huge inspiration, I like the surfing he does on twin fins. Smooth. Radical. Freestyle."

Many moons ago, when I worked at Surfer Magazine and Sam George was the editor, he used to talk a lot about surfers that had been "enlightened." By this he meant people that had made the conscious choice to ride the best board to suit the conditions. The three-fin glass slipper was the board of the moment at the time, and more often than not, they bogged.

"Every wave is perfect if you have the right thing to ride it with," he'd say, hands emphatically illustrating his point.

The new edit from Tanner and Dane Gudauskas, "Surfboards With Two Fins," illustrates their pathway to enlightenment.

"I love surfing Lowers on whatever board looks the weirdest nowadays," retorts Tanner after somebody tells him that boards with two fins will ruin his surfing.

The idea of "ruining" one's surfing is absurd to begin with. Whatever happened to "the best surfer is the one having the most fun"?

Besides a new edit, Tanner's also got a new blog called TheOutreach.fun. It's fun…and enlightening. His new post deals with the struggles of growing up with a three-fin mentality and how he's proud to let his freak flag fly these days.

"Get more classic with it. Go as far as you can until you can't actually look good even going straight on the board because its hard as hell to ride," writes Tanner, embracing the mantra of the weirder the better.

"The spectrum of fish shapes is wide and long with an insane lineage of history behind each different kind of shape," he continues.

Patrick Gudauskas Don't worry, surfboards with two fins are not a threat to your surfing ability. - WSL

Between the C.I. Fishbeard -- a gateway to weirdness -- and the 6'10" long fish Dane picked up from WSL Longboard Tour director Devon Howard, there's plenty of inspiration to be found.

The boys have a few more gems tucked away for other swells this summer. I keep telling them that the next thing they need to do is lean into the Greenough flex fin vibes and put a little twang in that thang. With Donny Brink on the planer sculpting flexy planing hulls, hot dog, things could get super weird!

For now, stay tuned to their new YouTube channel, The Vibe Up. And no, surfboards with two fins won't ruin your surfing. That's ridiculous…it's unenlightened.

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