- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel

After a fifth place finish at the 2020 Pro Taghazout Bay in Morocco, Shane Sykes called up friend and filmmaker Michael Veltman, sharing that he wanted to put more effort into creating video parts.

Not long after their call, the duo jetted off to Western Australia to capture the best waves on the remote coastline. The edit follows Sykes over a period of two weeks while scoring epic surf. In the edit you can see a mixture of maneuvers including powerhouse turns, massive aerials and critical barrel riding.

"Before world travel came to a pause and going around to QS events everywhere was normal, I decided to head to WA for 11 days to film for my video series called 'REACH," Sykes told the WSL. "I took a good friend and amazing lensman Michael Veltman with me to capture the trip. I have have always wanted to head over there after watching all the video parts that I have seen over the years. I love how raw it is there and there are so many waves it actually gets confusing when you trying to choose a spot."

"The shark alarms also get the heart rate going," he added. "After that i headed to The east coast for some events then made it home just before South Africa went on their heavy lockdown. We are still currently in level three lockdown but we can at least surf and do semi-normal things again. We have had one of our best winter in years and I can't wait to release my clip from home in a few months.

If two weeks in West Oz treated him this well, we can't wait to see what he's holding from his own backyard.

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