- WSL / Matt Dunbar

It seems like an age ago that Eli Hanneman was blowing minds on the North Shore at the end of 2019, but the 17-year-old hasn't stopped ripping, as this new edit from Red Bull illustrates.

Back in December, when the Tour was in town for the Triple Crown, Hanneman had cemented himself as a name to watch in the coming years, with mind-blowing surfing in big, powerful waves far beyond his years.

But it's safe to say that Hanneman's position as the best 17-year-old surfer on the planet is secure, with the phenomenon from Maui still attacking waves with a mature, polished style.

He's been enjoying the waves at home, and this clip also has waves from Oahu and further afield, in Tahiti, according to Red Bull. Let's just hope we can see him back in a jersey very soon.

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