The kite surfer and big wave rider Niccolo Porcella has recently turned his attention to wingsuit base terrain flying.

Born in Maui to Italian parents, Porcella, who won the 2016 Wipeout Of the Year Award for a spectacular over the falls effort at Teahupo'o, now spends as much time in the air as in the water.

"Having background in kite surfing, cliff diving and gymnastics the idea of wingsuit flying just seemed to fit," Porcella told the WSL. He started sky diving 2011, progressed to wingsuit flying in 2013 and the next year made his first wingsuit base jump.

Niccolo Porcella at Teahupo'o 4 2016 TAG Heuer Wipeout Entry
Nicollo Porcella appears in another angle as he stumbles down the face and goes over the falls at Teahupoo. Video by Raipona Pua.

In those early days he was taken, literally, under the wing of the famed wingsuit athlete Jokke Sommer. In return Porcella taught him the art of big wave surfing in a series called Lift Off.

For the last few years though Porcella, along with partner Rudy Cassan, have merged their passions in a new documentary called The Connection.

"In the new show we're combining the elements water, rock and air," says the 32-year-old. "We SUP from one island to another, hike to a climbing route, then make a technical climb with a 30 kilogram wingsuit backpack on. From the top we base jump and wingsuit fly back to our SUP, then make the return paddle."

Niccola Porcella wingsuit in Sardinia Big waves and big air, Porcella knows how to fly. - WSL

The sunrise to sunset missions are mainly completed around his homeland of Sardegna, Italy, and feature some of the most stunning sea, beach and mountain landscapes on the planet.

"It is so remote and so beautiful. When we land next to our boards it is such a euphoric feeling, like catching a giant wave at Jaws, " Porcella said.

"However no matter how secluded the spot we always find plastic and pollution," he continued. "We want the series to raise some environmental awareness. We always bring as much plastic as we can carry back with us and hope everyone can do the same."

The Connection documentary is out now on edgetv.com.

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