- WSL / Matt Dunbar

There's no such thing as too much Italo Ferreira. While we may have been denied the chance to watch the World Champion defend his title, he's been busy putting out a stream of edits showcasing his explosive, high-octane style.

It seems Italo is blessed with a limitless energy, and that's a blessing for all of us stuck at home and hungry for surf content -- there are few surfers as entertaining to watch as Italo.

In this latest edition from the Champ, his backside -- honed on the right-hand point he grew up surfing -- is on full display. Italo and safety surfing are like oil and water, and that's what makes this clip, with its thumping soundtrack, so compelling.

Italo gets a Creative Director credit as well, and there's even some bonus switch stance surfing. Enjoy.

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