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Based on her winning performance last week at the Rumble at the Ranch, Coco Ho clearly knows her way around a wave pool. But things are always a little different when her brother Mason Ho is around.

The two recently landed deep in the scorching California desert to take their Rocky Point act to the Palm Springs Surf Club. Serving up playful, puntable right-hand wedges, Coco and Mason couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces all day.

For as creative as Mason is in the ocean, have a constant to canvas to toy with in the pool has opened up seemingly unlimited possibilities. For starters, there's his acid drop into the wave. But more than just that one novelty trick, Mason gives his board a couple quick punts and lofts a huge straight air. That's a combo you're only going to see in a pool.

Then there's his fins-first take-off to tube stall. After getting properly barreled, he throws a pop shuv-it at the end to finish with the nose of the board facing forward. Or a wall ride on a surfboard. What? It's straight chlorinated sorcery. Watch and prepare to be inspired...

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