Last April, Portuguese big wave charger Nic von Rupp took a trip to Bali to hunt down the best waves on the Island with the smallest crowd possible. Like many Europeans, and even more Australians, Von Rupp calls Bali his "summer escape." On this trip, though, he was serendipitously greeted with a pumping swell at a wave we wouldn't dare to disclose.

But we'll give you some hints. April is an in-between month for Bali. Typically the island is switching from the wet season to the dry season. This means that if you're lucky, it can be good on both the west side (dry season) or the east side (wet season). But as it goes for many of our favorite surf destinations, these general guidelines can be meaningless if a major storm hits. Which it did here.

Here's the last hint we'll give you. This wave is somewhere on the way from Uluwatu to Keramas. So you can rule out the possibility of it being Canggu or Airport Rights like Nic put to throw everyone off on his Instagram post.

So, is this the best right on Bali? And if so, where is it?

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