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In the Billabong YouTube Series Know The Feeling, Laura Enever journeys to Japan, a place with a rich surf history and a culture heavily intertwined with the ocean. With 18,000 miles of coastline, Japan has been home to surfing for over a century and is seeing a rise in female surfers flooding the lineups. In "Know The Feeling - Japan with Laura Enever", the Championship Tour veteran takes the time to meet these young women, engage in honest conversations, and of course eat some delicious sushi.

At Japans Southern most tip, Enever meets up with one of Japans best women longboarders Natsumi Taoka and surfs a Typhoon swell in Miyazaki. Miyazaki is the event site where surfing is set to make it's Olympic debut.

Laura Enever also sat down to talk with Shino Matsuda, a provisionally qualified surfer for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, who is leading the wave of young female surfers in her country. Matsuda shares in the edit, "Compared to five years ago, the number of female surfers has increased. There used to be more male surfers and more competitions for men but the number of girl surfers has increased which is definitely inspiring to me."

"Now that I'm not on tour, I decided to make my own, I am the only one on it. Time is not about competing its about exploring, finding new waves and meeting inspiring women, experiencing different ways of life and making my own" shares Enever. "Looking at Natsumi and Shino theres young and innovative women who reflect all the beauty and tradition of their country and who happen to be shaping and redefining what the future of surfing will look like for women in Japan."

Laura Enever has been apart of the Know This Feeling series for over a year now, spending her time off of the rigorous Championship Tour schedule traveling the world to places like Sri Lanka, Morrocco, and China. Enever has become an ambassador for women who's stories haven't yet reached large audiences. Stories of empowerment, change, and passion that inspire the next generation of young girls to chase their dreams.

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