- WSL / Kenny Morris

Championship Tour surfer Sage Erickson has just announced that she has joined the team at Outerknown. Moving forward she will proudly have the "OK" logo on the nose of her boards.

"I'm so excited to announce that I am joining the Outerknown family!" revealed Erickson on Instagram. "With the current issues in our climate, I see creating a sustainable future as a main priority in my life, which naturally falls into the products we consume and wear!"

Co-founded by 11x World Champion (and Rumble at the Ranch partner) Kelly Slater, Outerknown is one of the leading lifestyle brands committed to making their products with the highest regard for people and the planet. According to Erickson, Outerknown's values align directly with with hers, and she wants to play an active role in improving the future of apparel.

"She embodies all that we stand for as a brand, and we know our community will be a whole lot stronger with her on board," Outerknown wrote on their website.

What sets her new partnership apart from a traditional sponsorship is that she will be directly involved in the business decisions of the company -- more specifically, growing sustainable women's apparel. She's already started working on this season's line with Outerknown Women's.

"I know I want to live, breathe, and represent a brand that stands for a positive effect in others and this planet, and really understand the process it takes to do right by them," Erickson continued.

For more on the partnership, head over to Outerknown's website.

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