This year was supposed to be a big one for California-based filmmaker Logan Dulien. Firing up a handful of the most explosive surfers for the filming of Snapt 4, among the talent on board was West Oz's own Jack Robinson.

Then came the pandemic, and what would have been Jack's Championship Tour rookie debut, changed everyone's plans.

"Since the Tour was been put on ice Jack's been given the opportunity to cruise at home and focus on filming for his section in Snapt 4," Logan explains.

With $40,000 on the line for the best section in Snapt 4, when Snapt 4 eventually comes out next summer it's going to insane. Logan made the most of the the situation and has been encouraging his surfers to keep stacking clips. Jack's been surfing his brains out for months at home in W.A. and just dropped an edit of material that didn't make the cut for the film.

If this is Robo's B clips, we can't wait to see what kind of gold he's sitting on for the movie. The WSL just caught up with him to talk about it all:

WSL: Hey, Jack, thanks for hopping on. Where are you at right now.
Jack Robinson: Yeah, no worries. I'm on the Goldie right now. I'm just here for a few months and then hopefully we get over to Hawaii, like November or something. We'll see what happens.

Did you get a surf in yet today?
I haven't surfed the last few days. It's kind of been a bit sharky over here. It's been pretty gnarly. There have been sharks everywhere, like big ones, too.

But you're from West Oz?
Yeah, but to a degree you get pretty used to it. The waves are sometimes better, so you don't think about it as much. They're just cruising everywhere here.

Jack Robinson Breaks Down Filming For Snapt 4
Robo talks about his insane clips in the upcoming film Snapt 4.

So, 2019 was pretty insane. You had some great results and kind of dominated the QS events in Hawaii…crazy season.
Cheers! It was a good year, I just kind of found my groove, just coming into my own. Feeling good. I'm excited to get going for the start of the year.

Logan [Dulien] said you've been stacking clips with all the downtime. He's so amped on your part for Snapt 4. And this new B roll edit is insane, man. I was tripping watching it.
Thanks. I've had five or six months to film at home. I've never really had that in the last five or six years. So, yeah it's going to be exciting. It's going to be a good movie, I think so.

You guys had a crazy winter out there on the West?
We had one of the best winters in a long time -- just around Margaret's and stuff. It was good just to be home. I've never been home for that long of a time.

What was so nice about being home for so long?
Just being with all my friends and stuff. I had a few sessions with Taj [Burrow] and Jay Davies, just all the boys. It was good just seeing everyone again and having some proper little super sessions. It was exciting.

TWEED HEADS SOUTH, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 14: Jack Robinson of Australia winning quarterfinal heat 3 of the Tweed Heads Pro to advance to the semifinals on September 14, 2020 in Tweed Heads South, Australia. (Photo by Matt Dunbar/World Surf League via Gett Looking razor sharp in the recent Tweed Heads Pro, Jack Robinson's small-wave game has caught up to his act in big barrels, which could make him the most dangerous rookie on Tour in a long time. - WSL / Matt Dunbar

Jay and Taj, man, those guys are heavy duty. Does it step up your game when you get in the water with those boys?
Yeah, for sure. They bring it to another level. It brings it up to a whole different level when the boys are out. That's why it's good to be here too. It's like being on the Goldie just with all these good guys around. I love it when I'm surfing with good guys because it brings the level of everything up. Especially growing up with those guys, I used to watch them all the time. Taj was a big influence growing up.

So, this edit, none of these clips are going to make Snapt 4? There's $40,000 on the table for the best section, you must have some strong stuff in the can?
Yeah, these are the B clips. The ones that are in the part will be a lot better. So, yeah, I'm pretty confident about it. It's looking good.

I heard you took your honeymoon at that left at the end of the video. Those waves are f---ing mental.
That's the big left slab up north. It's a crazy wave, like Pipeline or something, but three times as long. It's such a wild wave. You don't want mess around with that wave. It's a good training grounds where I grew up trying to learn how to stuff backside barrels, so yeah, it comes in handy.

You think the world's going to be shook when they see this?
A lot of people have been saying that they only see me in a contest, so once they see the actual video and see me at home, when I really have time to do things, I think people will be pretty stoked on it.

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