The amount of epic progressive surf footage we have seen out Waco in the recent months is insane. In what is god's gift to swimming pools, the whole Coffin fam is blowing up in the shallow waters of Texas!

Conner, when tempted with perfect ramps, proves he is more than one of the most stylish, fully rail engaged, power surfers on the planet. Those JS boards are looking good under his feet now that he is on team Tractor. Watch Conner stomp air after air at 1:26.

Parker is up to his usual jaw dropping fin blows, reverses and lofty punts combined with his flow on his backhand which is clearly influenced by fellow Rincon master Bobby Martinez.

But back to Conner. Is he sending a message to Championship Tour rivals that his bag of tricks just got deeper? When jersey surfing returns, what will Conner's power surfing multiplied with his air game look like for competitors? Is this the what the future looks like for Conner? So many questions!

Connor Coffin Portugal Punt Conner Coffin, Portugal punt. - WSL
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