- Simon 'Swilly' Williams
CT Stars Tyler Wright, Stephanie Gilmore, Ethan Ewing And More Enjoy An Epic October
It's not usually pumping in October on the Gold Coast, but it's not like anyone's been complaining. Filmed and edited by Lachlan Mckinnon.

October has turned into the miracle many surfers on the Gold Coast needed. It's been a rough old year, with plans scuttled and dreams put on hold, but a La NiƱa-driven stroke of luck has seen lucky locals scoring right into Spring.

Usually, by October, the persistent north-east sea breeze has pulled the curtain closed on the sand-bottomed points and beach breaks the region is famous for.

And generally that's fine by the Championship Tour surfers who call the area home, since they've long since jetted off to chase waves and ratings points in Europe.

"We're so lucky, usually it's like one foot and onshore by now so I'm kind of baffled but I'm definitely not not stoked about it," says Championship Tour Rookie Isabella Nichols, one of the athletes who's had to roll with the punches this year and is more than deserving of some all-time sessions at home.

Ethan Ewing It was clear at the recent Tweed Coast Pro that Ethan Ewing's surfing had kicked up a few gears - Ethan Ewing

It wasn't that long ago that Nichols was thinking of giving the pro surfing dream away, but after a grind on the QS she finally booked a full-time spot on the CT last year.

That dream was put on hold thanks to Covid. But she's ready to go once the Tour resumes very soon, after winning the recent Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast at South Stradbroke Island.

Given how good the waves have been for months on end, the CT surfers based around the Gold Coast have been the envy of their rivals across the world, many of them having to make do with cold, onshore dribble, and in many cases, hampered by strict lockdown measures that kept them out of the water entirely.

Parko may have hung up the jersey but he's still as keen as ever to score waves at home Parko may have hung up the jersey but he's still as keen as ever to score waves at home - Simon 'Swilly' Williams

In fact, the waves and the atmosphere have been so good that Jack Robinson -- who has no shortage of quality surf back home in West Oz -- has become the goldie's newest local.

After locking in his spot on the Championship Tour by putting on an absolute clinic at Sunset Beach almost a year ago, Robinson's one of the most hotly-anticipated CT Rookies in recent memory.

It's long been clear how much damage he'd do at spots like Pipeline, or Teahupoo. But it's now obvious he's seriously upped his game in the fun-sized stuff as well, thanks in large part to all the hours he's been putting in over on the East Coast.

Jack Robinson Western Australia's Jack Robinson has become a regular sight on the Gold Coast - Simon 'Swilly' Williams

"I've been on the Gold Coast now for a couple of months, just settling in. I've been surfing, training and just getting ready for the Season at the end of the year," Robinson says. "It's probably my favorite city [or] suburban place in the world because you've just got waves everywhere."

So sit back and enjoy this Word Surf League clip filmed and edited by Lachlan Mckinnon which showcases why the Gold Coast is known as a 20-mile miracle, even in October!

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