- WSL / Tai Vandyke

When asked what goes through his head during a 50-second hold down at Jaws, Kai Lenny once explained that he visualizes himself building something out of Legos.

The man's mind is seemingly in constant motion, even when he's being pounded 20,000 leagues under the sea. He charges into every winter season in Hawaii with the sole intent of pushing himself, and the sport of big-wave surfing, to new heights. Coming off of winning the XXL Biggest Wave award, so far he's been ridiculously successful at it.

But in the latest installment of "20@20," Lenny's YouTube vlog, the Big Wave Award winner claims, "I have the feeling that this will be my best winter yet."

That's a scary proposition given what he's already accomplished. To continue his progression, the master of all crafts is arming himself with a new foil setup that he hopes will help redefine what's actually ridable.

"I got a big-wave foil that I want to test, aluminum mast, it should give me the opportunity to ride the biggest waves ever ridden," Lenny explains.

Taking the foil for a spin out at one of Maui's outer reefs, Lenny's in pre-season mode has he continues to dial every aspect of his unbelievable game.

All we need now if for Mother Nature to cooperate and unleash some bombing swells in the North Pacific this winter.

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