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Surf films were important this year. Many of us spent months on lockdown, and they were the only window to the pastime we love so much.

There was good, bad and everything in between as filmers, surfers and brands pulled the trigger on every big of footage they'd been saving for a rainy day.

But one piece of content that really stood out from the pack was the feature film Pentacoastal, care of Vans and one of its star athletes, Wade Goodall.

Featuring Vans' stars like Dane Reynolds and Tanner Gudauskas, the film celebrates a rugged Australian aesthetic and showcases some of the best surfing we've seen all year. If it was an old-school video tape owned by a pack of frothing groms, the thing would have been running on repeat until the film wore out.

So, if you've watched it until every scene is seared into your memory, there's always the B Sides. The footage that didn't make it into the main film, the four-part bonus material is a testament to how good Pentacoastal is, rather than an indication that this stuff is in any way, shape or form second-rate.

The B-Side series has some all-time sessions, including night-surfing at Noosa. Here's the latest one, and for all the rest of the clips head to Vans' YouTube channel. :

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