- Marc Chambers

Seventeen-year-old Maui phenom Eli Hanneman has a new edit out, and featuring surfing and insights beyond his years, he makes a strong case to why he's one of the most talented and exciting 17-year-olds in surfing today.

Fittingly, "Muse" starts out with thoughts from Hanneman about the ocean.

"It is a place where I can get away from reality and just be myself," he says. "The ocean is super unpredictable so you will never be completely in sync. I guess that's what makes you want to go back: understand it more each and every day."

Shot in Indonesia and at home on Maui, Hanneman's YouTube drop showcases the young Hawaiian's technical surfing abilities, including everything from threading the needle through backhand barrels, to full grab-rail cutbacks, and of course, the aerial innovation that put him on the map.

In a sign of what's to come next, last March Hanneman finished runner-up to Mason Ho at the 2020 Papara Pro Open Tahiti in all-time surf. It's only to be a matter of time before we see him bring this act to the Tour ... and we can't wait!

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