It's almost winter here in California, all the leaves are brown and the waves are flat. But thankfully Lakey Peterson has dropped an edit of her putting in work at Teahupo'o to remind us of warmer times.

And as always, the lineup looks beautiful. The World Number Three is showing off her backhand bag of tricks. Featuring pig-dog barrel riding combined with the vicious cracks, Lakey looks like a contender in serious lefts.

People forget, since Lakey's forehand game is so strong, that she is just as good with her back to the wave. In addition to perfect right points (when and if they break), Lakey grew not far from some of the best lefts California has to offer.

And especially don't count Lakey out when it comes to lefts of consequence such as Teahupo'o. World Tour be warned, she, along with athletes such as Tatiana Weston-Webb and Caroline Marks, she has been putting in the time at the world's most notorious, perfect reef and they're all going to have an advantage when the Tour pulls in somewhere big and hollow.

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