Just announced, Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California will be stop number three on the 2021 Championship Tour for both the men and the women in February. A magnet for heavy, winter NW swells and chilly water temps down into the low-50s, the venue will offer some seriously interesting challenges for Tour competitors.

To get ready for the cold-water venue, Lakey Peterson and Caroline Marks are crossing their t's and dotting their i's by running mock heats up in Santa Cruz.

Just last week Lakey took a trip up to Santa Cruz to train with Marks and coach Mike Parsons. With the water temperature hanging in the upper 50s in Northern California, the two Championship Tour athletes made sure to stay warm, catching a substantial amount of waves and getting in rhythm with the right hand point break.

"They are looking super ready, both of them," said Parson. "Lakey's surfing has gotten a whole lot better. She has been working on backside tube riding in Tahiti, her rhythm on the wave, and exploding on bigger turns."

With less than a month until the start of the season, we are excited to see her apply what she has been working on when she pulls the jersey back on.

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