- WSL / Erik Derman

Sometimes surfing can be a salve to the soul. Small Things, a short film featuring Ryan Burch, Craig Anderson, and Shyama Buttonshaw surfing pumping Cloudbreak, definitely falls into the category.

Filmed and edited by Erik Derman before Covid 19 restrictions, this is no genre-busting, high-budget, drone-dripped surf movie. It's simply some of the most stylish surfers on the planet surfing one of the world's best waves.

Be it Ryan Burch's warp speed high line arcs in the pocket, Craig Anderson's deeply instinctual tuberiding or Bells Beach surfer and shaper's Buttonshaw's backside lines, there's a simple joy in watching great waves, well ridden.

It also manages to portray that stoked feeling of a surf trip to the tropics with mates; something most surfers have had to miss out in 2020. As the pristine, freshly minted surfboards are waxed up and we hear the involuntary hoots that come from the first sighting of an epic reef break in full scream, it is a reminder of how much pure fun surfing can be.

Sure this type of experience feels like it might not be possible right now, but this short seven minutes is a lovely reminder of what, hopefully, is not far around the corner.

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