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CT commentator and former Tour surfer Rosy Hodge watches and evaluates as much surfing as just about anyone, and these are the athletes she expects to do well when the Tour resumes in just a few days.

So, who is on her Fantasy team? First up, Rosy is banking on defending World Champion Italo Ferreira to get the job done at Pipeline.

OAHU, UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 11: Italo Ferreira of Brazil advances to Round 4 of the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters after winning Heat 1 of Round 3 at Pipeline on December 11, 2019 in Oahu, United States. (Photo by Tony Heff/WSL via Getty Images) Italo Ferreira won't be taking any prisoners when he gets his title defence underway at Pipe - WSL / Tony Heff

Italo put a lot of work in on the North Shore last year before he secured the Pipe Masters win and his first Title, and with a new affinity for the wave and the relief of getting his season underway after an extended break, Italo feels like a solid choice.

As Rosy says, "He's still riding that high from last year and will be tough to beat in his first event back."

Moving on over to Honolua Bay, Rosy is picking young phenomenon Caroline Marks, who was in the Title race all the way to the last event of the year in 2019. Most fans would say it's not a question of if but when she secures a World Title, and with one of the best backhands in all of surfing, expect to see her throw down some huge turns on Honolua Bay's walls.

MAUI, UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 1: Caroline Marks of the United States advances to Round 3 of the 2019 Lululemon Maui Pro after winning Heat 1 of Round 2 at Honolua Bay on December 1, 2019 in Maui, United States.  (Photo by Cait Miers/WSL via Getty Images) Caroline Marks is widely expected to win a World Title someday soon - WSL / Cait Miers

"If 2020 went as planned, I think we'd be talking about her clinching her first World Title in Maui," says Rosy.

Rounding out her Fantasy squad, she's got wildcard Bettylou Sakura Johnson and Rookie Jack Robinson as her Sleeper picks.

Honolua Bay is a perfect wave for the 15-year-old from Oahu to showcase her surfing. She has a strong forehand attack, and isn't afraid of consequential waves. And as for Jack... you would be hard pressed to think of another CT Rookie with such a natural ability to surf Pipe.

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