- WSL / Ferreira

Italo Ferreira famously arrived in Hawaii before any of his World Title rivals in 2019 and dedicated himself to improving his game on the North Shore, the surf world's premier proving ground.

He ended up winning the Billabong Pipe Masters in a Final against one of the most naturally-gifted barrel riders ever, Gabriel Medina. To go from uncomfortable in Hawaii to a Pipe Master? Well, that's just pure Italo.

This year, with the Tour beginning in Hawaii as opposed to concluding, there's less pressure to perform. But it seems Italo has been going as hard as ever in freesurfs as he warms up for his heats at the Billabong Pipe Masters presented by Hydro Flask.

Italo's enlisted the help of Shane Dorian and even Jamie O'Brien -- two Hawaii legends -- and is now looking especially comfortable at some of the powerful, demanding waves of the Seven Mile Miracle that is the North Shore.

If you're looking for proof, here it is, the latest high-energy edit from Italo:

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