- WSL / Tony Heff

Wherever Italo goes, the content follows. The World Champion has been in Hawaii for a while now, releasing a steady stream of top-notch edits, and the latest sees him preparing to surf the recent Billabong Pipe Masters presented by Hydro Flask.

During this event, Italo injured himself in a heat against Jeremy Flores but surfed through the pain. There were few details on exactly how he hurt himself, until now, as we see Italo discussing what went down post-heat with his friend and fellow competitor Jadson Andre.

Pipeline is a confidence game, as big-wave pioneer and former CT surfer Shane Dorian explains in this clip. Shane as done as much as anyone to help Italo turn himself into a genuine Pipe Master -- his influence is all over the assured way Italo is surfing on the North Shore these days.

"If you go out there with a lot of experience and confidence, it's a lot easier to win," says Dorian. While that could be said of all the waves on Tour, it's especially important when it comes to Pipe -- a wave with very real consequences, which allows almost no room for error.

We see here exactly how Italo prepares to surf a heat at Pipe, and his strategy as dialed in by the guru Dorian. It's clear for all to see that, when it comes to Pipeline, the hard work Italo has put in over recent years is really paying off.

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