- WSL / Brent Bielmann

You're all well aware by now that John John Florence has finally claimed a Billabong Pipe Masters victory. John grew up in front of the wave, has two World Titles but had never sealed the deal at a Championship Tour event at Pipeline.

This year the Tour started in Hawaii, rather than finished there. Before the event, there was a lot of talk that this could finally be John's year. It was almost baffling that he hadn't won there yet -- he's widely considered to be the best Pipe surfer of his generation.

John released a video documenting the week he spent in the lead up to the event. It captures his trademark nonchalance but you may perhaps detect a hint of nerves creeping through ... either way, he prepped for his campaign through the Pipe draw by, well, getting barreled at Pipe and some of the other waves of the North Shore of Oahu.

This provides a glimpse into how John was feeling going into the event, and considering how private he can be, that makes it well worth a watch for fans seeking an insight into his preparation and pre-game mentality.

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