Kai Lenny keeps reminding us that he's the most versatile athlete the pro surfing game has got. He's a champion in multiple watersports, has a top-notch small wave game and has redefined what is possible in some of the largest waves on the planet.

Put it this way, there are very, very few people on the planet who could go from surfing small, fun waves at a gentle point in Hainan, China straight to Nazare, to put on a foiling clinic.

This is documented in the latest edition of his Life of Kai Red Bull series, which is a look back at one of the swells which lit up Nazare in 2020. But more recently, Lenny has been up to his old tricks, throwing down on the North Shore and also blowing minds at Mavericks and Maui....

When it comes to big waves, it's clear Lenny is thinking way beyond just riding and surviving -- he's treating some of the scariest, largest lumps of water on the plant like a skatepark.

We can't wait to see how far he's going to push it 2021...

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