Surfers love to debate -- and will pretty much debate any and everything. FCS or FUTURES? Front deck grip or no grip? Chia seeds or beef jerky? It's non-stop. From what wax is superior when the water is 58 degrees, to what the wind is doing a 4:30 in the afternoon, to the merits of the last 10-point ride at Pipe, everyone's got an opinion.

That's exactly why "Getting Heated" from WSL Studios has been created. Every week the biggest names in surf are going to be stepping up to the mic to offer unfiltered opinions, make some bold call and basically do what surfers do when they're not in the water -- debate. The first installment premieres on Friday, January 15, and will feature three-time World Champ Mick Fanning and Momentum Generation Icon Ross Williams. Neither are shy about sharing their thoughts.

Getting Heated | WSL's All-New Debate Show Premieres This Friday
Three-time World Champion Mick Fanning and Momentum Generation icon Ross Williams face off with explosive takes, unfiltered opinions, and bold predictions.

Growing up amongst the Aussie surf club culture, constantly battling against mates like Joel Parkinson and Dean Morrison, Mick was pretty much born into a hotbed of surf banter. And with a competitive streak that pushed him to the top of the sport, his wit has as much bite as his rail game.

Mick's living the dad life these days, but somewhere locked away deep down his alter ego, Eugene, still lurks. Always keen for a good time and a good laugh, the life of the party, Eugene used to make late-night appearances in Mick's younger, wilder days. Both will be formidable guest on a show that demands hot takes, unvarnished perspectives and trash talkin'.

But Ross is seasoned veteran when it comes to standing by his opinions. Growing up on the North Shore, friends like Shane Dorian, Todd Chesser and Kelly Slater pushed him early on ({which led to the emergence of the Momentum Generation in the early 1990s). But being friends with Kelly also means being a rival to one of the most competitive humans on the planet. Whether it's sharing waves at Pipe, playing ping pong or a night on the town, Kelly and Ross have been throwing jabs at each other for decades.

Post pro surf career, Ross took to commentating Championship Tour events for the WSL and coaching two-time World Champ John John Florence. So yeah, he knows what he's talking about when he opens his mouth.

Go deep with Mick and Ross. "Getting Heated" drops on WorldSurfLeague.com on Friday, January 15.

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