The submission window for the digital Vans Triple Crown ended on Friday, but that hasn't stopped the cameras from rolling as swell continues to hammer Hawaii. And like the lines out the back, the clips are stacking. From the latest release by two-time World Champ and recent Pipe Masters winner John John Florence, to the flogging of Griffin Colapinto at Pipe, in case you missed a minute of the action, here's the required viewing from the last week on Oahu:

A Full Day Of Chasing Clips With John John Florence

After winning his first Pipe Masters event in December, John John continues has remained in prime form at home on the North Shore. Sessioning with his brothers, in Nathan Florence's newest YouTube drop, the siblings make their rounds to Haleiwa and Sunset to chase clips for the 2021 Vans Triple Crown. John Nathan's currently atop the leaderboard, but judges are hard at work with all the latest submissions, so stay tuned.

Koa Rothman Borrows Wax From Kelly Slater

Koa Rothman has been having a quite a winter. With the Vans Triple Crown taking digital submissions, Koa is one to keep an eye out for. In his newest "This Is Livin" episode, he heads out in all-time conditions and even snags some wax from Kelly Slater before paddling out.

A Day At Sunset Beach With Lakey Peterson

Lakey Peterson is not participating in the digital Vans Triple Crown but that isn't stopping her from ripping every time she paddles out on the North Shore. During a recent session at Sunset, she shared traded waves with some of her rivals on the Championship Tour, including Carissa Moore and Bronte Macaulay. It's too bad we didn't get to see what they could do with a jersey on, because they're charging the bowl in Lakey's new drop.

Griffin Colapinto Takes A Heavy Wipeout At Pipeline

"Out of no where, it just lipped me right in the neck and head," tells Griffin of a particularly horrendous wipeout at Pipe. "I went out for a little bit and hit the reef." Luckily, there was a jet ski in the water to assist him to shore and lifeguards that assessed him on the sand. Griff ended up walking away unharmed but shared that it was a humbling experience for him ... "and sometimes you don't know if you're alright until 10 minutes later."

Mason Ho Shows Us A Full POV, Surfing Over The Reef

Of course, a roundup like this wouldn't be complete without, Mason Ho enjoying some tubes over a treacherous reef. The danger factor only seems to amuse Mase more, and in this POV edit you get a clear picture of just how close he comes to damaging himself and his board.

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