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As the first month of 2021 comes to a close, the world's best surfers continue to keep us all entertained on YouTube. From Italo's trifecta to Bethany Hamilton's "hubby cam," there's a lot to digest this week. Here are our favorites:

Three Sports In Three Days With Italo Ferreira

The energy is high and the surfing is incredible as Italo Ferreira tows into his local beachbreak. And whether it's surfing, foiling or kiting, the 2019 World Champion makes it look easy. And those airs on the end section, they just never get old.

Hubby Cam Ep.10: Family Life With Bethany Hamilton

Over on the island of Kauai, Bethany Hamilton's husband Adam documents their journey to a scenic lookout to view the 30- to 40=foot waves of Super Saturday. It's a nice little look at the family life as Adam shares insight about how powerful waves can relate to life's challenges.

Yago Dora's Pipeline And Rocky Point Sessions

Yago Dora's sessions from Pipeline and Rocky Point have been throttle. Barrel or air, he can do it all. As the winter swells continue to roll in, Yago takes full advantage of the waves and his time on the North Shore to continue to take his surfing to new heights.

Nathan Florence Explains Why It Wasn't A Good Idea To Paddle Jaws

After reflecting on his not-so-brilliant decision to paddle Jaws the day before Super Saturday, Nathan Florence realized that because of the wind, paddling out may not have been the best idea. Either way, as always, he still managed to have a ball.

A Day In The Life Of Zeke Lau

Follow Ezekiel Lau as he checks the waves on the North Shore and jumps out for a session with the boys. When it comes to surfing Haleiwa, Zeke is one of the best at matching power with power.

Koa Rothman Sends It At Waimea Bay

In this installment of "This Is Livin'," Koa Rothman paddles out to giant Waimea alongside childhood friends John John Florence, Eli Olson and Koa Smith. With a GoPro POV, as well as drone imagery, this week's vlog is a testament to what surfing out at the Bay really looks like.

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