From Pipe and Backdoor, to playing around in the shaping bay, to spreading the love on Valentine's Day, it's been another epic week in the surf world. Our favorite vloggers have been busy in front of the camera and dialing things up in the edit bay. Here are our favs from a busy week on YouTube:

John John Vs. The Sandbar

The edit that had everybody talking this week was John John Florence's new heater from the rare bird that is a perfect North Shore sandbar. Threading through backless wedges with his buddy Jack Robinson, the casual comfort these two demonstrate in conditions that would smash lesser surfers is astounding. Yes, it was only six weeks ago that John won the first event of the 2021 Championship Tour at the world's most famous (and deadly) reef break, but given what we just witnessed when he's got some sand under him, he's going to be a force to be reckoned with when the Tour heads Down Under.

Surfing Rincon and Shaping Boards With Lakey Peterson

From world-class point surf, to world-class surfers, to world-class shapers, Santa Barbara has long been an epicenter for California surfing and Lakey Peterson just reminded us of all that. Scoring sessions at Rincon, shaping boards with Channel Island's Britt Merrick, prepping for the start of the upcoming Australia leg of the Championship Tour, it's all happening in this latest drop from Lakey. If anyone ever needed a reminder of how fun and rewarding getting in the shaping bay and making something with your bare hands can be, look no further.

Shaping Boards With The Colapinto Boys

For most of his surfing life, 17th ranked surfer on the Championship tour Griffin Colapinto had been getting his boards from master craftsman Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, but his cousin Corey Colapinto, an absolute master on a log, has been whittling some boards lately and invited Griff over to his shaping facility get get covered in foam dust. The boys take us through the whole process, from finding a blank to hacking and mowing the foam. And when they're done they've got themselves one sick looking asymmetrical twin-fin.

Makua Rothman Goes Big Wave Gun Testing At Sunset

When it comes to dialing in a quiver of big wave guns, it's a bit of a trial and error process. Hawaii's Makua Rothman knows this all too well. Riding some of the biggest waves ever at Jaws over the span of his career, when it comes to his equipment he's in a constant state of refinement. This week, Makua gives us a glimpse into the process and how he uses Sunset Beach as his own personal testing grounds.

Double Trouble With JOB and Mason Ho

If sharing is caring, you can just feel the love in this new edit from Jamie O'Brien. Not only do him and Mason Ho go doubles in a Pipe barrel, but it looks like they're having the time of their life doing so. You gotta go back to 1976 and the classic "Free Ride" tandem tube ride between eventual World Champs Mark Richards and Shaun Tomson for the similar kind of magic -- but we're guessing the Richards/Tomson barrel had a little more competitive edge to it than the bro-fest in the barrel of O'Brien and Ho.

Eli Olson And Friends Share The Love On Valentine's Day At Pipeline

With a great winter season under his belt already, Eli Olson renewed his vows with Pipeline this week. Stuffing big tubes at both Pipe and Backdoor, Eli's looking solid on his DHD boards, pulling in steep, deep and under the lip. The edit also includes appearances from O'Brien, Ho, Michael Ho, Koa Smith, Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, and the GOAT himself, Kelly Slater.

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