With four Championship Tour stops set to take place in Australia over the next two months, athletes and staff were required to quarantine for two weeks at a hotel in Sydney.

During quarantine they got special deliveries from the WSL which included workout equipment, snacks, and other goods to keep them stoked through the process.

WSL commentator Joe Turpel also hosted a podcast every other day with the athletes called Caught Inside, where he talked with athletes about their quarantine set ups, competitive strategy, quiver selection, and more.

Now, everyone's out of the hotel and ready to kick things off at the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup presented by Corona starting April 1st. Here's the latest.

The People's Champ Is Ready To Rock

Fourteen days with an endless supply of coffee and Red Bull made Italo one of the most entertaining surfers to keep up with during quarantine. With all that fuel, no one could keep up with the workout challenges he dropped from his hotel room.

Now he's sitting on a mound of 25 boards begging to be tested in similar conditions to what he grew up surfing at home in BaĆ­a Formosa.

Courtney And "The Grand Escape"

We knew we were going to be entertained by Courtney's energy, humor and creativity right from the start. With 21 posts from the hotel, it's safe to say that she won quarantine like Chris Cote called out.

Here she is saying goodbye to 14 days of isolation with a Charlie Chaplin inspired short film.

Lakey's Ready To Go Big

At about this time last year Lakey was in Australia prepping for the Gold Coast. She had her boards dialed and air reverses on lock for the 2020 season that never ran due to COVID. Now the Tour is back in Australia, the surfers are out of quarantine, and the show begins on April 1st!

World No. 1 Has An Important Request

Day 7 of quarantine has passed John John Florence has officially joined the dark side. He had one simple request for Lauryn, "Where are the rebel bases?" A simple question, really.

If he got a better answer, maybe he would have spared the poor Star Wars puzzle.

Regional Sales Update From Mr. Colapinto

First the Vegemite, now the Hume Supernatural deodorant. In this latest commercial challenge, Griff brings some emotional sales tactics to the table saying, "I really feel for these deodorants... going in armpits day in and day out." He continues to make a compelling case for the new and improved Hume stick.

But Jessi Miley-Dyer, the new Head of Competition raises an even better point, "who even wears deoderant during quarantine isolation?"

Fair point, JMD.

Don't Sleep On Italo

Maybe we should rephrase that as, "Italo doesn't sleep". After dropping his first workout challenge last week, he's upped the ante with a good old fashion back flip after push up routine.

And finally the GOAT gives credit where credit is due, commenting, "Solid one!" Last week, he vibed out Italo for his pushup form.

Kelly, we think it's your turn to show us what you've got.

Courtney Conlogue Keeps Bouncing Off The Walls

It's no surprise that Courtney is one of the most active surfers in quarantine. She's already posted herself skateboarding, stretching, spinning on the bike, climbing, dancing, and meditation to balance it all out.

WSL commentator Chris Cote says, "So far, Courtney Conlogue is winning quarantine."

Griffin Colapinto Pitches The Virtues Of Vegemite

Griff's back on his "Commercial Challenge" and this time he's selling us Vegemite, the most polarizing of all Australian condiments. Shane Dorian calls it "salty mud," but other's swear by it's creamy richness. If he's lost it now, we can't wait for Day 13.

Brisa Claims Top Chef In Quarantine

We've speculated in the past who might win in a cook-off, Brisa Hennessy or Ian Walsh. Both are strong contenders, with solid social media followings, but the creativity points have to go to Brisa in this challenge. Bonus points for presentation!

Jack's New Look

It barley took Jack Robinson a day to shave his head during quarantine. He live streamed the whole thing on Instagram. There's speculation on his decision making. Some claim aerodynamics, others claim quarantine will make you crazy. But sometimes a man's just got to get a fresh start.

Italo Drops A Workout Challenge

Push-ups just aren't enough after 100 Red Bulls. Italo had to take it to the next level by walking his legs up the wall, making a push-up to shoulder press challenge. Some athletes have succeeded, while others, like Kelly, love to talk trash from their phones.

"Bro, get your chest and head down to the ground! You've got 12 days left!"

A big call out from the GOAT.

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