- WSL / @landonhayashi

Jack Robinson has done everything he needs to do be a serious threat on the Championship Tour -- and he deserves every bit of the success that comes his way. He's traded the George Greenough bowl cut of his gromhood for a tightly cropped skull in quarantine, and just dropping a new, small-wave "grovel" edit with the Snapt crew, his intentions for the upcoming four-stop Australia leg couldn't be any more clear.

After his rookie season was postponed for nearly a year, Robinson didn't make his long-awaited CT debut until the Pipe Masters last December. He finished ninth in the event after suffering a stinging (and hopefully motivating) loss to Kelly Slater. But now, with Newcastle in front of him and just weeks away, we're about to see what the last decade's worth of hype is all about. He'll face countryman Jack Freestone and Caio Ibelli in the Seeding Round when the event kicks off.

West Oz born and bred, Robinson's game has always been defined by how remarkably comfortable he is under the ledge, but the secret to his success is that he's always been tack-sharp in small waves -- and after a year off to focus on the art of the grovel -- he's only gotten better. Look no further than this new Snapt edit for proof that he'll be flying with the best of them when the Tour kicks back off next month.

And you can throw out the argument that he may not have the "experience" of the more seasoned Tour surfers. Lest we forget, Robinson made the Semifinals of the 2019 Burton Automotive Pro the year he qualified for the CT. He's got everything to prove in Newy and it's going to be epic to see him finally unfurl his newly honed skills on the world's biggest stage. (A smart Fantasy pick? Probably.)

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