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From the Wrights, to the Hobgoods, to the Irons brothers, most recent sibling rivalries on the Championship Tour have, in one way or another, resulted in a World Title. And now, with Crosby Colapinto receiving a wildcard into the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup presented by Corona, the saga continues.

"I was just planning on coming and being a support crew for my brother," Crosby told the WSL after learning that he was in the main event.

Both Crosby and older brother Griffin enjoyed an extended run of good fortune on the North Shore this past season. Their evolution at Off The Wall was especially noticeable.

Home in San Clemente, California, for only a few weeks before shipping off to Australia for their 14-day quarantine, most recently Crosby and Griffin had been putting in work at the local beachbreaks and dialing in their boards with …Lost's Matt Biolos.

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And now, in a few weeks time they'll have the opportunity to live out a childhood dream and continue their march towards Championship Tour glory.

"Griffin and I have thought about being on tour together a lot. We talk about it every day," Crosby explained after notching his first Qualifying Series, the Jack's Pro in Huntington Beach, when he was only 17 years old.

This won't be Crosby's first CT event. He's surfed on the world's main stage at the Surf Ranch and in Portugal, but admits this is the most prepared he's ever been.

"The Hawaii season was a little confidence booster, and I was in Indo for a while before that ... I feel like going away from home for that long has really polished my surfing," Crosby says.

Crosby Colapinto of The United States advances to Round 3 of the 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing World Junior Championships after winning Heat 4 of Round 1 at Jinzun Harbour on November 26, 2019 in Taitung County, Taiwan (Photo by Tim Hain/WSL via Getty Image Crosby Colapinto airing one out at the 2019 Taiwan Open of Surfing World Junior Championships. - WSL / Tim Hain

Surf families are a dime a dozen in San Clemente. From the high-flying Fletchers, to the Beschens, the Gudauskas brothers to the Longs, brotherly duos aren't an uncommon occurrence, and the Colapintos are a continuation of that legacy. Their father, Mitch, is a local school teacher, lifeguard and may be more frothed out on surfing than his sons. He spent his winter break swimming and snapping water shots on the North Shore while his boys charged, and he's always down at Lowers when he has the time.

"I think it's really cool how all the generations are all tied together here in town. Even the older guys like Dino [Andino] and Archy [Matt Archbold] and Wardo [Chris Ward], they're all super supportive of us young kids coming up," Crosby says. "It's cool to see that. It's cool to see Nate Yeomans and the Gudangs out at Lowers and they're still pushing us. And I feel like now we're pushing them. They're all so supportive of all the San Clemente kids, so it's cool."

There is a stylistic difference between Griffin and Crosby. Griff is shorter, more compact and tends to stay more coiled as he keeps his center of gravity low. Crosby is taller and more lanky, taking his cues from style master Joel Parkinson. The competitive spirit between the two boys is friendly, but neither likes losing, and like most brothers, they revel in talking trash to one another.

"I think that's why he pushes me so hard, he sees us being a brother duo, kind of like Andy and Bruce," Crosby says. "That's kind of our goal, our dream. We're just going to keep working toward that."

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