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It was back on October 12, 2020, that the WSL covered Connor Maguire surfing a wave at Mullaghmore that was credited with being the biggest wave ever ridden in Ireland. The giant left-hander was beamed around the world and signified not only a new benchmark for the Irish slab but big wave surfing in general.

The 25-year-old however recently reached out to the WSL with footage of wave that he said, "got lost in the editing process." It was one of three waves that Maguire caught in that early Mullaghmore session and the only wave that he successfully rode out of.

Just how a gunmetal grey, four-story-high wave, that is almost as thick as it is tall ended up on the cutting room floor is probably a discussion for another day. What it does shows though is what an incredible display Maguire put on that day.

"It was just Connor surfing, with his six of his closest mates running safety and filming," filmmaker Clem McInerney told the WSL. "It was a golden ticket on the best chart we've ever seen. The stars had aligned and Maguire surfed the wave of his life."

However, that historic session was just the start of a long, cold, and epic winter in Ireland. "Cold Comforts," a short film by Peter Clyne, chronicles Macguire as he dealt with some of the biggest waves, harshest conditions, and most beautiful surf spots on the planet.

"It's been a mad run of waves here, but it has finally just slowed down, the onshore and rains have kicked in, and it looks like the dream is over," Maguire told the WSL. "The clip though is a reminder of what we all went through. It was no doubt one of the best and most challenging winters in my life. And Peter captured all the moods beautifully."

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