Small planes to remote locations have kicked off some of the greatest adventures. Add two of the world's best surfers, pristine waves, and a windswept and rugged destination in the deep south of Australia, and you have the makings of a clip well worth your attention.

John John Florence has released a new video of a trip he took with Australian free surfer Dave Rastovitch a little while back, during which the pair score some of the perfect wedge shore-breaks this region is known for.

Complete with a cameo from famous surf photographer Ted Grambeau, it really feels like the quintessential off-the-beaten path adventure, in search of both special waves and an all-too-rare solitude.

Florence, the World Champion and Rastovitch the pioneering freesurfer may seem like an odd pairing, though as they discover they have a lot in common, including the uncanny ability to read the ocean required to navigate some of these waves, which they make look easier than it really is.

They also bond over their love of solitude -- and this really is a location for a surfer looking to escape the crowds. Cold, windy and fickle but offering some true diamonds straight out of the Southern Ocean rough, it's a place that rewards those willing to wear some extra rubber and read the weather and swell reports just right.

Florence and Rastovitch are two surfers known for their special connection with the ocean, which extends to this ability to be in the right place at the right time, and to take a line few others would see. With special call out to Sean Doherty in the credits, its a fire-you-up surf flick as well as an interesting behind-the-scenes look at two unique surfers.

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