- WSL / Andrew Nichols

Today, Ella McCaffray and Levi Slawson emerged victorious at the World Surf League (WSL) SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope, a North America Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, over formidable, respective fields. This marks McCaffray's first-ever WSL QS win and Slawson's second-career win, catapulting him to No. 1 on the North America rankings. Following the QS Finals, the Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic got underway with men's Round of 40 and Round of 32 to set up their Finals Day action alongside the women.

Ella McCaffray's Maiden Victory Realized At SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
Encinitas, California's own Ella McCaffray earned her long-awaited first-career QS win in dominant form at Morro Rock. The win pushes her up the rankings to No. 4 heading into the back half of the 2023/2024 season.

The women's Final featured perennial QS threat Ella McCaffray and rising threat, defending event runner-up, Sanoa Dempfle-Olin with McCaffray capitalizing right away. McCaffray's forehand attack led to an impressive 6.83 (out of a possible 10) before immediately backing it up with a 6.00. Dempfle-Olin was able to get back into the heat with a 6.50 of her own, but McCaffray wasn't to be denied a maiden victory and took to her forehand once more to earn an excellent 8.63. Dempfle-Olin fought to the end, but McCaffray's 15.50 (out of a possible 20) heat total held firm to the final horn.

"I'm over the moon, I'm so stoked for my first QS win," said McCaffray. "I've been working toward this for a really long time and I'm so happy. I'm definitely trying to requalify for the Challenger Series. We have some big events coming up so I'll get back to training and getting ready for those. Thank you to my family, my coach John [Daniels], for everything."

McCaffray's form built throughout Finals Day, starting with a solid Quarterfinal victory over rising threat Zoey Kaina before unleashing an excellent showing in her Semifinal heat with reigning North America Pro Junior Regional victor Talia Swindal. This marked the Encinitas, California competitor's first-ever WSL QS Final after numerous Semifinal appearances and seized the moment for her maiden QS victory.

Levi Slawson's Outstanding Form Claims Second-Career QS Win At SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
Levi Slawson posted the event's top three heat totals, including a 17.40 in the Final against Lucas Owston. This marks Slawson's secon win in three-career QS Finals and catpults to No. 1 on the North America rankings.

A clash of event standouts unfolded in the men's Final with Levi Slawson taking on an in-form Lucas Owston. The Southern California duo didn't disappoint in putting on a showcase of high-performance surfing with Slawson opening with a 7.50 on his backhand attack before Owston's aerial antics earned him an excellent 8.23. However, Slawson wasn't done on his backhand and went to post an excellent 8.73 of his own before adding another excellent, 8.67. Slawson's 17.40 heat total accounted for the event's third-best, coming behind two of his other performances earlier in the event with a 17.90 and 17.85, and a second-career QS win.

"It feels so good, I work so hard every day of my life for surfing so for all the winning, the highs and lows, surfing is amazing" said Slawson. "I didn't qualify for the Challenger Series last year after I got on the year before when I was 18. Now I'm coming back and I want to get back on the Challenger Series and want to get on the Championship Tour soon so I feel like I'm getting one step close when I win one of these events. I have so many people to thank, my parents, my girlfriend for being beside, my sponsors, all my friends back home, this one's for everybody at home."

A third Final appearance and second victory for Slawson in the 2023/2024 season pushed him atop the North America rankings. The Encinitas, California competitor had to overcome former Championship Tour (CT) veteran Kolohe Andino in their Semifinal clash, a third encounter between the two in the jersey, and carried that momentum to the top over Owston in the Final.

Lucas Owston (USA) Lucas Owston (USA) surged to a runner-up finish with an incredible showcase. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Notable Runner-up Finishes for Lucas Owston and Sanoa Dempfle-Olin

Two of the event standouts, Lucas Owston and Sanoa Dempfle-Olin, finished with respective runner-up results after posting multiple excellent scores throughout their runs. Owston's 9.50 in the Quarterfinals held as the event's highest single-wave score as he earned his first-career Final appearance. Dempfle-Olin's impressive Semifinal showing nearly translated to a second-career QS win, but earned back-to-back runner-up finishes at Morro Bay.

"That was so fun, every heat before that was so good and to be able to share a Final with Levi [Slawson] was special," said Owston. "We've known each other forever and he pushes my surfing to be better. I'm really excited and just keep working hard, stay present, and just enjoy it all."

Sanoa Dempfle-Olin (CAN) Sanoa Dempfle-Olin earned back-to-back runner-ups at Morro Bay with impressive surfing. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

"It feels really good to make another Final here less than a year later," said Dempfle-Olin. "I feel super good to see where I'm at after a lot of events this year and I'm happy with that result. Going into the end of the season I'm looking for bigger results but I'm just looking for the opportunity to show my surfing that I can do since I've been doing a lot work."

Richie Cravey Drops Near-Perfection To Start New Season At Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic
The reigning North America Longboard Regional victor Richie Cravey posted a 9.00 in his 2023/2024 debut at Morro Rock.

Reigning North America Longboard Regional victor Richie Cravey debuted with near-perfection after spending a year among the world's best earlier this season. Cravey's style and soul arch through critical sections earned him a near-perfect 9.00 to post an impressive 15.75 heat total. Now, Cravey moves into the Quarterfinals looking to start the season where he left off in 2022/2023.

"I've been watching it all morning and there's some really good waves out there and I feel like I got lucky and hunted down a couple," said Cravey. "I have some really good friends who live in the area, my brother lives just up the way in Santa Cruz, and this is the first time I've surfed 'The Rock' and I'm excited we've got some good conditions. I'm seeing how things develop to requalify and learned a lot, but see how things go."

Jack Van Wagoner Makes His Presence Known In Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic Debut
The Southern Caifornia standdout Jack Van Wagoner earned an excellent 8.00 and 14.10 heat total to debut at Morro Bay as he moves into Finals Day.

One of North America's rising longboard threats, Jack Van Wagoner, showcased a dynamic debut to post a 14.10 heat total. Van Wagoner earned a Semifinal finish at this event last year held in Pismo Beach and now looks to build a solid foundation to make his surge for the WSL Longboard Tour in 2024.

"It was fun, a little slower than I thought it was going to be and told myself to stay closer to the pocket but I found some that held up," said Van Wagoner. "I'm definitely trying to qualify for the WSL Longboard Tour. I'm currently going to Cal Poly and just see how it goes. There's so many good waves up here and I'm absolutely loving it."

Also earning big Round of 32 wins to make their way into Finals Day, Tucker Coleman, Bucky Barry, Jake Dematteo, Christian Stutzman, Dorian Torres and Dakota Faircloth will vie for the 2023 Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic title.

Event organizers will convene for a 7:00 a.m. PST to determine a likely 7:30 a.m. PST start.

Watch LIVE

The SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope and Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic will run December 4 - 10 and be shown live at WorldSurfLeague.com, the free WSL App, and WSL's YouTube channel.

Finals Day Ready at Morro Bay

A critical day of competition unraveled at the World Surf League (WSL) SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope, a North America Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, to determine Finals Day draws for the men and women. Four-to-six foot conditions pulsed into the lineup with gusting offshore, sideshore winds to challenge competitors as the men's Round of 16 and Quarterfinals wrapped alongside women's Round of 32 and Round of 16 finished in their entirety. Now, the Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic awaits its start alongside a Finals Day finish for the QS.

Noah Klapp Eyes Season-Turnaround, Finals Day Set For SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
After a dominant Round of 32 showing, Noah Klapp added to that success and posted a stunning 14.75 on her powerful bachand attack to move into Finals Day action.

A dominant showing from Noah Klapp earned her both a Round of 32 debut win and commanding Round of 16 win. Klapp's forehand attack paved the way to her initial heat win before showcasing her powerful backhand to accrue a 14.75 heat total and helping eliminate defending event victor Mathea Dempfle-Olin. The rising North America talent has her sights on a big finish and turn her season around at the halfway mark.

"It feels good and when there's waves I feel like there's only myself to blame if I don't make a heat," said Klapp. "I was watching the previous heat before mine and I saw a couple bomb rights and I knew one big turn you could get a big score so that was my goal. I have the habit of standing up too soon on big turns so I just compressed a lot and showed the judges I'm good."

Sanoa Dempfle-OIin's Morro Bay Redemption Run Takes Her Back To Finals Day
Last year's event runner-up Sanoa Dempfle-Olin blasted her way through the Round of 32 with an excellent 8.25 before adding a Round of 16 victory to her name. Now, she looks to earn her place back into the Final.

Sanoa Dempfle-Olin earned runner-up to her sister, Mathea, in last year's Final and debuted in firing fashion to accrue an excellent 8.25 (out of a possible 10) and 14.00 heat total. Dempfle-Olin earned her first-career earlier this year at the WRV Outer Banks Pro and now eyes down another big result to carry herself up the rankings heading into the mid-year break.

"The wind definitely picked up and it almost seems like the swell is pulsing a little more right now," said Dempfle-Olin. "It's gotten a little bigger and more consistent. I'm excited to be heading into Finals Day and getting to surf some heats tomorrow."

Important wins for Zoe Chait and Ella McCaffray pushed them into Quarterfinal appearances as they look for marquee results heading into the back half of the season.

Levi Slawson's Undeniable Form Earns Another Near-Perfect Showing In SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
Encinitas, California's Levi Slawson now claims the two highest heat totals of the event so far after a 17.85 Quarterfinal showcase against an in-form Owen Moss - who also dropped a near-perfect 9.00.

Men's Semifinalists Locked In, Slawson and Owston Lead the Charge

2023/2024 standout Levi Slawson continues to show his determination in the jersey with a moving day surge through the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals. Slawson's aerial display earned him an advancing position behind Sam Reidy in the Round of 16 before honing in on his powerful approach to post an excellent 16.25 heat total. One of the heats of the event so far witnessed Slawson clash with event standout Owen Moss as Slawson's 16.25 heat total put pressure on Moss, who posted a 9.00. But, Slawson wasn't to be outdone and posted another near-perfect score to his Morro Bay resume with a 9.35.

"That was a goo heat with Owen [Moss] and I knew that'd be a good battle with him," said Slawson. "I got stuck for about six minutes and I almost didn't go on that 9.00. My coach told me Owen dropped a 9.00 and I got out with only a few minutes left so I was definitely tired. I could see pretty good and my coach told me to paddle over and that led me right to my 8.50."

Lucas Owston's Near-Perfect Power Takes Him Into SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Finals Day
An incredible surge from Lucas Owston added a near-perfect 9.50 to his score line and moves into the Semifinals for the first of the 2023/2024 season.

Oceanside, California's Lucas Owston found his footing in the QS jersey once more and unleashed a powerful forehand attack to accrue a near-perfect 9.50. Owston's calm nature helped produce a 16.65 heat total after overpowering his Round of 16 affair earlier in the day. Now, Owston prepares for his first Semifinal appearance of the 2023/2024 season.

"I feel pretty good after that last heat," said Owston. "I'm coaching with John Daniels. He's a coach from Oceanside and I've trained with him forever so I'm super happy. My board is a step up and it's been going really well and I love it."

Kolohe Andino Remains Defiant, Overturns Quarterfinal Bout For SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Finals Day
The former Championship Tour (CT) star Kolohe Andino pulled out his experience and overturned the Quarterfinal bout with Costa Rican standout Sam Reidy.

Former Championship Tour (CT) competitor Kolohe Andino continues to showcase his world-class abilities under pressure and slid through into a fourth Finals Day of the 2023/2024 season. Luke Wyler joins Andino into Finals Day after taking down Wheeler Hasburgh in their Quarterfinal, Heat 4 bout.

The Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic will get underway Saturday, December 9 following the QS Finals with men's competition to set up their Finals Day Sunday, December 10.

Event organizers will convene for a 7:00 a.m. PST to determine a possible 7:30 a.m. PST start.

Watch LIVE The SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope and Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic will run December 4 - 10 and be shown live at WorldSurfLeague.com, the free WSL App, and WSL's YouTube channel.

Event Threats Push the Limits in Pumping Swell

The World Surf League (WSL) SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope, a North America Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, got back underway in pumping, eight-to-ten foot conditions with contenders rising to the occasion. Men's Round of 32 action was finished in its entirety with excellence and near-perfection posted to set up a marquee Round of 16 draw. Women's QS and the Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic were called OFF for the day.

Taj Lindblad Lays Down Near-Perfection, Surges For SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Title Defense
A dream start on borrowed equipment for Taj Linblad earned him a near-perfect 9.25 before postig a 16.50 heat total to lead men's contenders into the Round of 16.

Defending event victor Taj Lindblad made his case as an event threat once again with near-perfection in a Round of 32 battle. Lindblad went to work on his backhand, finding two critical turns to earn a near-perfect 9.25 (out of a possible 10) before backing it up with another impressive 7.25. The 16.50 (out of a possible 20) heat total marked the best of the Round of 32 as Lindblad looks to keep the Morro Bay title in San Clemente.

"There's a lot of water moving and I paddled out this morning just to feel it, and I couldn't even stand up and I needed to ride a bigger board," said Lindblad. "Luckily [Kolohe Andino] let me borrow his board. We're an individual sport so to have any team effort always makes it better so it's been epic."

Wheeler Hasburgh Regains Momentum, SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Round Of 16 Bound
Canadian talent Wheeler Hasburgh returns to form, posting an excellent 8.90 earn a vital Round of 32 win.

One of North America's rising talents Wheeler Hasburgh found his form in the jersey, posting an 8.90 on his powerful forehand attack to overtake Luke Wyler's (USA) 8.75 start. Hasburgh stayed busy to keep his opponents needing a near-excellent score of their own to catch him. Now, he prepares for a stout Round of 16 battle as he looks for vital points to kickstart his 2023/2024 season.

"I actually didn't know what was going out there since I couldn't hear much," said Hasburgh. "I just went out there and treated it like a free surf and for thirty minutes just try to hit the sections. I'm not really thinking about anything when I approach a section and just let my subconscious take over and feel where I need to go. I felt really comfortable out there, my board felt really stable so I was able to relax."

Owen Moss Goes Excellent, Charges Through SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Round Of 32
The South Carolina competitor Owen Moss laid down a hammer to accrue an excellent 8.00 and take a big Round of 32 win.

Adding his name to the excellent showing list, Owen Moss backed up his Round of 64 performance with an 8.00 on a single, powerful layback. The South Carolina competitor, Moss, held firm in an advancing position leading up to that moment and took control of the heat until the final horn sounded.

"It's a lot of work out there, but I made it through," said Moss. "I run a lot, paddle at home and train, just everything [to be ready]. I just kind of sent it up there and was hoping to make it. I haven't made it past this round since I got second over a year ago so it's definitely nice."

Also earning big Round of 32 victories, world-class competitor Kolohe Andino, an in-form Dylan Hord and Levi Slawson, SLO's own Xavier Math, and Ventura's threat Dimitri Poulos move into the Round of 16 with a lot of momentum.

Event organizers will convene for a 7:00 a.m. PST to determine a possible 7:30 a.m. PST start.

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The SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope and Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic will run December 4 - 10 and be shown live at WorldSurfLeague.com, the free WSL App, and WSL's YouTube channel.

Competitors Overpower Big Conditions at Morro Bay

The World Surf League (WSL) SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope, a North America Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, returned to action in pulsing, five-to-eight foot conditions with offshore winds. An intimidating morning turned to a dream day for competition with women's Round of 48 and men's Round of 64 finishing in their entirety. The Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic was called OFF for the day.

Levi Slawson Smashes Near-Perfection In SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
One of North America's prominent competitors, Levi Slawson, utilized his powerful forehand attack to garner a near-perfect 9.50 and 17.40 heat total.

One of North America's now perennial threats, Levi Slawson, delivered a near-perfect start to his event run at Morro Rock. Slawson's undeniable forehand earned an event-best so far, 9.50 (out of a possible 10) and 17.40 (out of a possible 20) heat total. Encinitas, California's own already has two Final appearances to his name in the 2023/2024 season but is looking for more.

"At the start I was a little bit confuse because it looks totally different from the beach," said Slawson. "I wasn't planning on going right at all, but then a good right came to me and I surf beach breaks all the time. I get some waves that get a little bigger so I was feeling pretty confident and stoked to get a heat win."

Owen Moss Returns To Form, Into SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Round Of 32
One of the East Coast's threats Owen Moss debuted with a dynamic, 14.90 heat total on his commanding backhand attack.

East Coast threat Owen Mossmade his presence known with a dominant showing in his Round of 64 debut. Moss took control with a 14.90 heat total and reestablished himself among the QS contingent after a few throw away results to start the 2023/2024 season.

"I was just focused on getting a left and one big turn but if I got two it was a bonus," said Moss. "I'm just focused on myself, but with those conditions I know it only takes one wave for a competitor to get back in the heat. It looks like it's going to get pretty big tomorrow but maybe on the high tide there could be some fun corners so we'll see."

Jake Davis Delivers Excellent Showing For SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
One of San Clemente's 2023/2024 standouts Jake Davis pushed his way to an excellent 8.50 in a dynamic debut.

Jake Davis continues to add to his incredible comeback to professional surfing and notched an excellent 8.50 to kickstart his Morro Bay run. The San Clemente, California competitor looks to return to Finals Day after finishing with a Semifinal appearance here in February.

"The offshore was so strong to hear something out there and I saw John [Mel] get a few good ones so I wasn't sure if I was in second or not," said Davis. "This wave is a predominant left but there are increible rights out there to be had if you find yourself in the spot for those waves. I just had to make sure I was in the spot."

Also notching marquee Round of 64 wins, Central Coast's own Braden Jones joins former Championship Tour (CT) elite Kolohe Andino overpowered his way into the Round of 32 alongside former event winner Kei Kobayashi, in-form competitors Sage Guinaldo, Blayr Barton, Tyler Gunter, Kai Gale Grani, Dimitri Poulos, Davi Toledo, Wheeler Hasburgh and Makai Bray.

Ayla Stutzman's Forehand Punches Through SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Debut
East Coast's Ayla Stutzman earned a 7.25 and 12.50 heat total in her Morro Rock debut in her second QS appearance.

Women Charge Through Morro Bay Debuts

Women's competition kicked off the morning in building conditions and some of North America's emerging talents charged through their debuts.

The East Coast was well represented by the likes of Ayla Stutzman, who posted a Round of 48 best 7.25 single-wave score on her dominant forehand. This marks Stutzman's second QS event of her rising career, after placing 25th here in Morro Bay earlier this year, and now looks to take a some of the region's best in the Round of 32.

"I'm feeling amazing, my goal was just to catch maybe one good one or get one good turn," said Stutzman. "I was pleasantly surprised with that wave I got. The first one I got caught in all the white was and released my rail, but then I knew what I was looking for so I knew I just had to be patient out there."

Zoe Chait Channels Power Into SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Debut Win
Half Moon Bay, California's Zoe Chait overtook pumping condtions at Morro Bay in her Round of 48 debut.

Zoe Chait is no stranger to bigger swell, hailing from Half Moon Bay, California, and put her power on full display to earn a 12.00 heat total and Round of 48 heat win. Chait recently helped Team USA earn a Silver medal at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship and brought that bravado to Morro Rock as she now prepares for top-seeded competitors.

"I drove back yesterday and it's been kind of tricky but I'm stoked to get a heat win to start the event," said Chait. "My coach Matt [Myers] and I talked about getting those medium waves with the big ones closing out. But Eden [Walla] and I took some waves on the head which was kind of sketchy, but I was stoked to get a few."

Also earning debut heat wins, Malia Ward, Maddie Storrer, Maddie Stanton, Brynley Beckman, Bailey Turner, and Ava Wagester storm their way into the Round of 32.

Event organizers will convene for a 7:00 a.m. PST to determine a possible 7:30 a.m. PST start.

Watch LIVE

The SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope and Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic will run December 4 - 10 and be shown live at WorldSurfLeague.com, the free WSL App, and WSL's YouTube channel.

Near-Perfection Kicks Off Opening Day

Opening day at the World Surf League (WSL) SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope, a North America Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000, provided offshore, four-to-six foot conditions to finish the men's Round of 112 and 96 in their entirety. Early event threats made their presence known and are now set to take on top-seeded competitors. The women's QS and Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic were called OFF for the day.

Luke Wyler's Aerial Antics Soar To Near-Perfect Start At SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
Throwing caution to the wind, Luke Wyler soared to a near-perfect 9.50 and 16-point heat total in his Morro Bay debut to put the event on high alert.

One of San Clemente, California's emerging threats, Luke Wyler, showcased his aerial potential with a massive full rotation to earn an opening day's best, near-perfect 9.50 (out of a possible 10). Wyler began the heat with a 7.00 and was able to let loose, accruing the day's best 16.50 (out of a possible 20) heat total to stamp his authority at Morro Bay.

"I was thinking maybe I do a first turn before the section but a lot of these rights have that bend going away from you and with this wind you almost need it to catch your board," said Wyler. "So I just wanted to get to that section and get all that speed and I think I read it right which made the rest of the heat pretty easy for me. I'll start my next heat fresh and I think if you go out with your plan but also be comfortable enough to adapt and adjust your surfing, I think that's really important."

Giorgio Gomez Lays Back For Near-Perfection At SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay
The QS veteran Giorgio Gomez laid everything into a critical section for a near-perfect 9.25 in his Morro Bay debut.

Giorgio Gomez utilized his dynamic forehand attack on a critical Morro Rock left to post near-perfection of his own with a 9.25. Gomez also notched an impressive 15.75 heat total in his debut surge as looks to build upon a strong foundation with an XL swell on the horizon.

"I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to it, the bigger the swell the better for me," said Gomez. "I only ride epoxy and [my shaper and I] have been trying to figure it out but I think we got it pretty good now. I'm just trying to match my sister after she got the 9 in Santa Cruz (laughs)."

Dylan Hord Hones In For SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Debut Win
Southern California's own Dylan Hord put on a forehand clinic on the Morro Rock lefthanders to post a 15.65 heat total and move into the Round of 64.

Perennial event threat Dylan Hord showcased his potential in solid conditions with his signature flair to earn a 15.65 heat total in the process. Hord hasn't had the season he'd like in recent years, but garnered some serious momentum heading into the Round of 64 where he looks to continue his success.

"It was so fun, when I had a free surf it was super offshore and pretty hard, but in my heat it started getting a little bit cleaner," said Hord. "It was super hard to heard and would just get a quick glimpse of 'first place red' but what does everyone else have? I wasn't really watching their whole waves and everyone was ripping but I was just in my own little zone. At the end of the heat I could hear and got more comfortable. I love it here though, I have few friends up here and always come surf around."

Sage Guinaldo's SLO CAL Open At Morro Bay Statement-Making Debut
The Huntington Beach, California competitor Sage Guinaldo posted an excellent 8.00 and 15.25 heat total to start his Morro Bay surged.

A stellar debut from Huntington Beach, California's Sage Guinaldo raised the standard early in the event with a 15.25 heat total. Guinaldo's powerful forehand linked through Morro Rock's righthander in great form to earn an excellent 8.00 in the process and take control of his heat. Now, Guinaldo prepares for the top-seeded Round of 64.

"That's all you could really ask for in a heat is get two waves and surf them to the best of your ability," said Guinaldo. "I found my lineup spots this morning and made the decision to sit there during the heat and luckily those two rights came to me and I had the balance, my hard work paid off and got the job done. Conditions are amazing and this is a dream event."

Kai Williams (USA) Kai Williams (USA) put his name in the mix as one to watch with a showcase to end opening day.  - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Also earning big Round of 96 wins, Kai Williams added his name to the 9-point club, former SLO CAL Open at Pismo Beach victor Cory Arrambide, Sebastian Mendes, Tony Nunez, Adam Lambert, Dylan Young, Adam Bartlett, Cooper Jewell, Lukas McMahon, Makai Bray, and Kai Gale Grani all move into the Round of 64 to face top seeds.

Event organizers will convene at 7:00 a.m. PST for a possible 7:30 a.m. PST on Monday, December 4.

Watch LIVE The SLO CAL Open at Morro Bay presented by Surfing For Hope and Surfing For Hope Longboard Classic will run December 4 - 10 and be shown live at WorldSurfLeague.com, the free WSL App, and WSL's YouTube channel.

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