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Day 2 Highlights
Day 2 unfolds with huge scores and an ever-increasing level of performance from Europe's best under-20 competitors.

PLAYA DE SAN JUAN, Teguise / Lanzarote - Canary Islands - Day 2 of the ASP 2-Star Teguise 2014 Franito Pro Junior unfolded in bumpy 3-to-4-foot, completing two rounds of the men's event and deciding the women's quarterfinalists. With the event's top seeds entering the show, action stepped up another level to deliver a great day of performance surfing.

Tim Bisso (GLP) Tim Bisso was on fire on day 2. - WSL / Gines Diaz

Timothee Bisso (GLP) 17, was uncontestedly the form surfer of the day, netting an incredible 18.00 total, including a near-perfect 9.50 out of 10 in the dying minutes of his bout. Current European No.3, Bisso sent a message loud and clear that he was still in the race for the title and determined as ever.

“I loved that last wave, I tried to put a complete ride with a good carve, a roundhouse cutback and a couple of rollers,” Bisso admitted. “Still I never thought it would be a 9.5 but I'm stoked that the judges appreciated it as much as I did.”

“My main goal is the qualification for the World Junior, but you never know what might happen, we've already seen a couple big names drop today,” added Bisso, who knows all too well the ups and downs of competition, having placed 33rd in the season's opener, before winning the second event in Sopela.

Local hero Will Davey (GBR) 19, got the crowds fired up in the last heat of the men's draw, picking up the best waves to tear them apart Canarian style. The British passport holder, who has lived just metres away from San Juan since he was three, admitted to find wave knowledge playing a big role as well as confidence in the moving peak.

“It was so fun, I live here just down the road and have trained here every day before the comp,” Davey stated. “I had a good result at the beginning of the year in Espinho and it gave me more motivation. To be honest I wasn't that competitive before, but it turns out I quite like the sensation of winning. Even though you can't hear anything out there, I kind of had the feeling that everyone was going for me and it felt great.”

Martin Coret (REU) A windy lineup was no problem for Europe's best who put on a great show all day. - WSL / Gines Diaz

Tom Cloarec (FRA) 20, lit up the San Juan lineup earlier to open the second round's action, with an excellent performance to easily advance through the early stages. Currently in fourth place in the European title race, Cloarec will look to post another major result in Lanzarote to obtain a precious ticket for the ASP World Junior.

“With the incoming tide it was hard to spot the right waves that walled up,” Cloarec stated. “If you look closely you can find the gems and I managed to get a couple for a nice start in this event. I'm stoked to be here in Lanzarote, this is a great wave for a final Junior event.”

In the very following heat, younger brother Nelson Cloarec (FRA) 18, applied the same heat-strategy to collect his own heat win and join Tom in the third round.

“I still haven't received my boardbag and I've been borrowing my brother's boards, so far it seems like it's working out,” Nelson said. “I'm thankful to have a backup option. We travel together and speak a lot together to analyze things, the lineup, our heats etc. It's great to have his support and I'm stoked we both got through.”

Vasco Ribeiro (PRT) Ribeiro, taking a few steps further towards a maiden regional title. - WSL / Gines Diaz

Event's top seed and current rankings leader, Vasco Ribeiro (PRT) 19, negociated a tricky round two matchup in conditions made difficult by the afternoon high tide. Not affected by the pressure surrounding his current position, Ribeiro rigorously followed his game plan and focused on selecting the best waves and performing his signature power turns.

“I've been surfing here for a few days and it's really fun, I love that place,” Ribeiro commented. “I'm here with my family and my girlfriend, in a very relaxed athmosphere to try and forget about everything surrounding the event. It's great to spend a week here in Canaries and to actually enjoy the island.”

Francisco DaSilva (PRT)
- WSL / Gines Diaz
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Francisco DaSilva (PRT)
- WSL / Gines Diaz
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Tahiti's Mihimana Braye (PYF) 18, netted one of the best combined heat-total of the event so far in his Round 1 heat in the morning, an incredible 17.27 out of 20 for a succession of powerful gauges and timely hacks on the running lefts.

“We had the perfect tide this morning and the waves were breaking down the reef just nice,” Braye explained. “It really looked like a spot at home in Tahiti, with hollow sections and I felt really comfortable out there.”

Unfortunately later on, Braye was faced with a totally different lineup and couldn't find the necessary open faces anymore, going down with an unlikely low scoreboard. Gracious in defeat, the young Polynesian kept a smile and supported his friends for the rest of the day.

“It just goes to show how quickly conditions change in Europe, I'm not used to it and unfortunately I didn't get a wave this time around,” Braye added. “It's cool though, we're here with all my friends, having fun and I'll stick around to support the boys before moving on to Brazil for the QS events.”

To complete a mammoth day of competition, the event ran through the four heats of Round 2 in the women's draw, to decide the quarterfinalists. The event top seeds logically confirmed their dominancy and moved on to battle for the top spots when competition recommences.

Event officials and surfers will reconvene Friday morning at 8:30am local time (BST) to decide of the third day's schedule of competition.

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